Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Something A Little Different.....

Morning all, something a bit different from Knitting or crochet LOL !!

It's my mum's 80th birthday on the 27th. My two brothers and I have put together an album of her life from meeting my dad, getting married and having children, right up to today when she has 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. We've included all photos of the numerous dogs that my parents have had throughout their marriage. It was really lovely to look back at all the old photos. My dad was in the Navy, and there are loads of photos of him sporting a beard ( looks just like my youngest son did when he had a bushy beard recently).

As a birthday treat, we have clubbed together to arrange for her to feed the penguins at the zoo. Along with penguins, mum has always loved Elvis. I found this image on google and have melted it into a candle for her birthday.

This technique is so easy to do, but makes a simple, plain candle look so much more. 

I'm working on her birthday card at the moment.......keep changing my mind, as to what I want to do..... keep looking in for the end result....(hopefully before her birthday !!).

Bye for now. x

Monday, 16 January 2017

Back to Crocheted Owl Keyrings.....

Morning all, a quick blog today, just done another owl keyring to sell at my craft fairs. They sold really well last year. I think I sold at least one at each craft fair, so I will definitely be making more of these. They only take up a small amount of wool and stuffing, so cheap to make. I've ordered some more keyring chains from ebay. (coming from cheap as chips !).

This year I've decided to make a more detailed list of how much materials cost to make each item. Then when I've sold them I can get a clearer picture of the true profit. I don't take into account my time, as I really enjoy making that's still my hobby to me.

Thanks for stopping by, lovely to know you are all out there. x

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Owl Easter Toy......

Morning all, hope your weekend is going great so far. I'm pleased to say we didn't have anymore snow here in this part of Kent, and what we did have is starting to disappear.

Have been in doors nearly everyday last week, with no energy or enthusiasm to go out or do anything much.....must be this time of year....

However, I have had the energy to knit this egg bearing owl. He's a knitting pattern from "knittingbypost". They have some lovely patterns, that I've been looking at (and maybe ordering a few LOL !!), and are easy and straightforward to knit.

Like the Easter chick I did a little while ago, the wings hold a cadbury's cream egg (other brands are available !!).

Luckily for me, the men in my house don't often venture into my craft room, so these eggs will stay in place until sold........

......unless the dog spot's them, then I have one sick dog !!!

Enjoy your day - roast beef today for us. x

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Another Camper Van Cushion....this time for the craft fairs........

Morning all, well here we are again the start of the weekend.

Hope you are all well & warm.

I've shown these camper van cushions before, as I've made a few now. When I made one for my friend's Christmas present, I had enough of the colours to do another one, just had to buy some more background wool. Worked out a cheap cushion to make, as the wool was on offer 3 for 2 - bargain!! 

This time, I didn't knit the grey circles, but instead, just cut grey circles of felt and sewed them on afterwards. I think it looks a lot neater circle. The photograph looks like the camper van is doing a wheelie, but it's just where I've placed it on the floor. 

Will have to see if it sells.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and see you again soon. x

Friday, 13 January 2017

"I've a Little Fishy, On a Little Dishy".....

Morning all, well it's Friday 13th Today.......don't know whether to brave it and go out, or stay indoors all day keeping warm.......tough decision. 

Here's a little fish that I've just completed. He's meant to knitted in chunky wool to be a cushion, but I've done him in Double Knit wool. He still measures 14 x 10 inches tail to nose, and fin to fin, so could be a small cushion or a toy.

How many of you completed the lyrics of the heading in a geordie accent "when the boat comes in" LOL !!!!

Have a good weekend.....not sure how it's going to be weather wise, but if you're snowed in, what better way to spend the day than crafting !!!

Bye for now x

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Just The One Sock?????......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. 

No, I've not been asked to knit a sock for a one legged woman LOL !!! Him indoors has asked me to knit him some socks to wear with his fishing boots !!

Once I had found a pattern for long men's socks, I said to him that I would do a trail run with this wool, just to see how it turns out size wise.

It fits ok, although he would like them to be slightly wider to go over his trousers and the ribbed cuff bit to be longer........oh and also he doesn't want pink, but grey wool. I don't know men can be so fussy LOL !!!
So I will buy some thicker dk in grey and knit them on slightly larger needles to accommodate all his demands......

......if he's lucky I might even knit him a pair LOL !!!!

Have a good day. Hope the snow doesn't settle if you get any, and keep warm. x

Monday, 9 January 2017

"J" For Janet.......

 Morning all......yes I know this looks familiar LOL !!! It's my friends birthday the very next day to her daugthers !!!

Making the "J" was a little more tricky, but managed ok. Added green and cream daisies to the "J". Inside I've again used Phil Martin word dies.
I wont continue doing the same for everyone's birthday ....I promise !! , but I do think they look original.....what do you think????

Enjoy your day. x