Monday, 30 April 2012

 This card I have made for my Best friend Janet, who after 29 yrs of marriage is getting divorced and moving into her own new home. I hope she will be happy.
 This card I have made in advance for my best friend Janet, who's daughter is expecting a boy at the end of May 2012. This is quite a simplistic card but I hope you will agree that the result is good.

 I couldn't make up my mind which card I would give to Nicola when she has her baby so I have decided to give the one with a bib on to Janet (grandmother) and the iris folded one to Jean (great grandmother) 
 This card I have made for a lady in my craft group, who at the ripe old age of 66 has decided to get married for the first time!!. This is the first wedding card that I have made, and I was a little unsure of just using one colour,a cream silk paper, but I am delighted with the results.
 I made a box for the wedding card to go into.
 I wish her a happy marriage.
This card I have just made today (30th April 2012) for my son, Daniel, who has just got a job for a Forensic Science Company, where he will collecting D.N.A from samples.  The squiggly pattern on the card is in fact, the Molecular structure of D.N.A, which I reduced an made into wallpaper for the background.

Monday, 23 April 2012

 This is the card that I have made for my nephew and his girlfriend who have just got engaged.
 This is the quilt that I have just finished. It took quite a while to do but I enjoyed making it, although I didn't make things easy for myself as I was working on a small space (see below picture of my craft room) and the wadding was a bit on the thick side so that I didn't like my hand sewing so I machined it instead, which in its self caused me problems as I didn't have a walking foot on my machine, so it was hard work to run through. 

 The above 2 photo's are my craft room, which I have just re-organised, and tidied !!! Honestly this is tidy!!!!!!
 This is the birthday cake that I made for my son Gary's 20th Birthday. I tried to make a model of his car which is a Peugot 206 in gold. He was pleased with the result. He had 20 gold candles on the slab of cake.
 This card I have just made for a lady who attends the same craft group as me. She is 66 years old and has just got engaged for the first time. I am ever so pleased for her.
 My mum & dad asked me to make this christening card for my great Nephew Jake who is getting christened on 29th April.
And this is the card that I have made from me to Jake.