Tuesday, 17 July 2012

 This cushion I made using the spare fabric from my quilt that I made earlier. I really enjoyed doing this patchwork. All the front is sewn by hand. Then I used the sewing machine to attach to the backing material.
 Another cushion using spare fabric. 
 This card i made by sewing the 4 tear drops into a circle. I then mounted on 4 different layers and attached beads around the border, and added a swirl bead design. The ying and yang centre was created by printing off from the internet and adding glitter around the edge.
 This card is made for dad's cousin Shirley.
 Another card created by me. Very simple design. Created frill by using extra strong tape(red) and pleated a strip of ribbon across.
 This cross-stitch design was done for my best friend's daughter who had a baby boy in May 2012.
 Another stitched card.
The cross-stitch in a frame.