Friday, 8 March 2013

 This is my completed frame. I did an advent frame before at Christine Emberson's academy. I liked it so much that I bought another frame for me to do again. Each box  has a butterfly on it- the ones without letters I have decorated either with gems, glitters or stickles. All the boxes are empty, I just made it for the effect. The swirls around the edge are from xcut border dies.
This is a shelf in my craft room. As well as the frame that I made, there is the cottage and an egg with quilling around. The two bears on a pot was a wedding present from my niece. As it goes well in my craft room, it is also on display.


  1. Jan this is beautiful. I just put a comment on and it has ended up at one of your cards LOL!!
    As i was saying is this going to be a challenge for Sandy. I love it, hope you are going to bring it in on Tuesday (if it's not too big)
    Sue xx

  2. Thanks Sue, This is not a challenge for Sandy..... too easy for her!!!. x

  3. Janice, these all look lovely together. I like the butterfly's on the boxes and the colours.
    Sally x

  4. What a brilliant idea! It looks stunning and love the colour theme :) x

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. xx