Tuesday, 18 June 2013

 Here is the next batch of stitched Christmas cards. This pattern I particularly like as the design and the thread that I have used is striking. With the topper in the centre I have used a very fine ink pen and just went around the edge of the topper just so it stands out a little bit,
 I'm not sure of you can see very well that I have used a pink fineliner pen an drew a running stitch around the frame of the card and into the corners where the snow flake has been punched (Martha Stewart). For the topper  i used extra fine glitter and with a quickie glue pen went around the edge and then applied the glitter.
 These two cards were very easy to do as i had the toppers and matching cards, so all i had to do was add the embellishments.

... and finally Father Christmas. This topper already had a gold border. So i just added a gold border to my stitching and added the sentiment. Look out for the next instalment ..... xx

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  1. Wow, you're speeding ahead with your christmas this rate you will have made all yours by August, which will leave September and October for you to make
    Sally xx