Sunday, 18 August 2013

My quilt not quite finished... but nearly !!

 Here is my Kingsize quilt almost completed. Please excuse the messy bedroom. I didn't realise how untidy my side of the bedroom is until I had uploaded these photos.

I still have some buttons to sew on at the corners of the motif squares. I chose  the same pattern to use in each of the squares with a combination of 6 different fabrics. I have 12 large squares in total of the pattern and 4 small corner squares as in the photos below. I used a zig zag stitch to sew design onto background and because I used pinking shears to cut fabric out I didn't need to have a hem. The stripy fabric on the front is the same fabric that I have used on the back. The 6 different fabrics have then been added around the whole design in strips.

Now that it is almost finished I can say that I enjoyed making it, although next time (if there is a next time) I will try and set up my sewing machine on my dining table as working in my craft room I found myself battling with the fabric as it was so large and heavy it was a struggle to feed through the machine at times.


  1. Wow!! Janice, it's brilliant, love the colours.
    Well done you, where will your talents end LOL!!
    Truly though you must be really chuffed with the results, I love it
    Sue x

  2. This is lovely Janice, a great design. You are so talented, you have great ideas and you are so quick in finishing anything you do.
    Sally x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Jan well worth the time

    John x