Monday, 16 September 2013

Christmas Robin Stitched Card.

Here is a stitched card that I didn't originally intend to be a Christmas card. Once I had stitched it I searched through my toppers for a suitable image and found the robin on a log. I also had recently bought some Christmas papers - one with robins on - so it seemed like destiny !!!!!. I backed the stitched card onto green card. With the spellbinders holly across the bottom I used the sparkle medium- forest green from Imagination Crafts. I kept the piece in the die and spread the medium across - like you do when stencilling. I had to make sure that it was cleaned properly afterwards, but I think it looks quite effective, especially mounted onto red card. The "Happy Christmas" are word dies that I have used often. The little robin on the side is done using Martha Stewart air dry clay and a mould.


  1. Wow Janice, your off again making Christmas

    Really like this one, very pretty.
    Sally x

  2. Very pretty Janice and so intricate love it,
    John x