Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Anyone for Tea ?????

 This teapot and cup set I have made following on from my handbag that I made earlier. (see below for photos). I was given the template to make the teacup, which I had made as a gift for a friend's birthday. So I decided to see if I could make a teapot to go with it. I found a teapot shape which I enlarged and added an aperture in the centre. Then it was just a matter of deciding what depth I wanted before I made the box to fit inside the aperture. I thought I could make a teapot and cup as a gift set for a couple. One could have teabags in and the other could have biscuits, or both could have a selection of sweets etc.


I hope you agree that it's a nice gift. x


  1. Great one Janice, I think it's really pretty and a lovely idea for teabags and biscuits. Never say no to a cuppa LOL!!!
    Love Sue x

  2. HI Jan,
    Very pretty, must have taken a while to make.