Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Butterfly & Heart Plaques.

Here are 2 plaques that I have decorated. The Butterfly comes from Anna-Marie Designs and the Heart one from Christine Emberson (Hope and Chances).

I have kept both simple and understated........but when I do this I always want to add something more .... not sure if they are the finished article. Will leave and go back to them at a later date to see if I completely happy with them.

Friday, 18 April 2014

My Craft Bucket.

After watching "The sewing Bee" on t.v, I was itching to get my sewing machine out and make something. I've got a few projects to make, but I thought I would start off with something for my craft equipment.

I bought a pattern (simplicity 4232), and the material (from pinflair when they were at Excel).

I loved the retro material and the cotton reel material would look good together.

I cut the pieces out---

1st problem - the pattern didn't show what was the outside of the bucket.

Too late - I had cut the material out and started sewing as per instructions.

I had some of the retro material over which I used to make the bias binding to edge the pockets.

All was going well, I made the pockets and trimmed them, I put the darts in the main body piece and was already to put the pockets on when I realised that the material of the main body would be upside down on the front, but the right way inside.

GROAN !!!!!

What I should have done was use the cotton reel print for the main body and the retro print for the pockets !!!
Good job this was going to be for me and not a present for anyone.

The pattern tells you to buy a bucket, which will be inside the fabric. I bought a plastic tub from the poundshop which was the right diameter (just) but was taller than the fabric pieces.

2nd problem------ now the pieces that I have just sewn together wont be long enough to fit inside the bucket.

GROAN !!!!!

So I had to add another strip of cotton reel fabric to the bottom of the bucket piece so that it was the right size.

Once that was done I continued as per instructions.

3rd problem ----- the pattern doesn't have a base to the outside of the bucket - only the inside.

GROAN !!!!!

So I made another piece for the outside of the bucket.  This meant that the bucket would now be inside the fabric and would never be able to be taken off, but at least it would look better. I had a bit of a struggle trying to finish off the sewing with the bucket inside but I managed it in the end. I added the frill around the top of the bucket to try and hide the fact that the material was upside down, and added the handle and bows.

A good lesson learnt for next time......if there will be a next time..... xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Train in a display case

 I bought this template from "". It was really easy to follow.
 I decided to make the train look a bit like "Thomas the tank engine" with the colours, decorations and face.
 My friend's grandson will be 2 years old in May. So I thought he might like this for his bedroom.
With the background, I had a cupcake wrapper that I used as the background train. This gave me the shape of the hill, which I coloured using my pro-markers.
I used "Candi" for the red lights at the front, the black windows on the cab and The trains eyes.

Monday, 7 April 2014


This is my entry for the challenge in March. Didn't win, but enjoyed the challenge. x