Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Three completed items made for me by me!!

Excuse the poor photos, I took these myself by using my mirror as my guide to what the camera could see (if that makes sense) this is why I have my arm up in all three photos (holding the camera !!!)

 This is from Sirdar pattern no 8609. The pattern is actually for a cardigan, but I decided only to do one band and make it into a jumper. I added another small band at the top to give the impression of an opening. The wool was from hobbycraft.  It's a combination of moss stitch and stocking stitch.
 This is from "Simplicity" pattern no 1692. This is a 1940's inspired top. It has puff sleeves and a gathering in the neck to give fullness. There are small bows/ties on the cuffs and the neckline. It has a side zip.

This is actually a sun dress (but had trouble photographing myself !). This is from a "New Look" pattern no 6789.


  1. Janice, these are wonderful, I love the sun dress! Now you need to come and teach sewing classes... :) xx

  2. HI Janice
    Well done they look lovely, only trouble is the picture of the top hasn't come out, maybe you will need to do that one again or is it my laptop.
    Anyway I love the other items, well done you
    Sue xx

  3. Love the blouse now I can see picture, it's very pretty.
    Look out Sewing Bee I can see a new contender coming
    Sue xx