Friday, 31 October 2014

A Baby Boy Exploding Card with Matching Box.

Good Morning one and all, I hope you are getting that Friday feeling and looking forward to the weekend. The weather is meant to stay nice and warm all weekend - hooray !!!!!

Firstly I would like to welcome Hazel to my blog. Hazel joined yesterday and has left some lovely comments on my creations. I now have 21 members (just like my age LOL - I wish !!!!)

On to todays offerings.

I have been asked to make a new baby boy card. I decided to make an exploding box, because as I have said before, I feel they are something special so deserves to be given on a special occasion.
 I have used a combination of dies (Tonic, Little B, Robert Addams).

Also I have added some baby blue buttons in different sizes.
 The navy train at the back is a cup cake wrapper that I have cut down to fit.

 I have also made a co-ordinating box. I have lined the box and covered the lid with matching papers. On the lid I have also added the baby's name and a row of white teddy ribbon, as well as using another piece of cup cake wrapper in the corner.

When the card is folded flat it fits perfectly inside. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Handbag with Drawers.

 I have made this handbag with drawers for my friend's Granddaughter who will be 11 this month and loves pink!!

I designed this myself last year as I wanted to make my nieces something that they could have in their bedrooms to hold a few bits and pieces in. It sits well on a dressing table as it's not too big, but having 3 drawers, is quite useful. And of course all girls like a handbag !!!

So I decided to make another one in pink and black. I have used decorative buttons for the handles on the drawers and also for the handbag handle. Also I added some "Faux" stitching around the handle tabs. I used "Martha Stewart" punch for the flower decorations on the bag.

 The size of the handbag is approx. 10.5 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches.
A close up of the heart buttons. (just realised whilst doing this that I missed a gem off the top drawer - doh !!!!!) Have put it on now !!
I did a teapot design in a similar way last year for a Xmas present for my mum & Mother-in-law.                                  

 2 teapots with different openings. The red one has a single pull out drawer in the centre and the pink/cream one has a "lid" to enable to put a larger item into.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Beaded Angel from a Kit

Good Morning one and all and welcome to my blog.

Today's offering is a beaded angel, which I bought as a kit from "Spellbound Bead Co" when I was at Ally Pally at the beginning of the month.

It took a while to complete - not difficult - but you had to concentrate !!!!

The kit comes in either gold or silver.  As you can see this is the gold version.

To make the wings stand stiffly like this I had to apply several coats of clear nail varnish over the wings.

It's not very big - approx. 5.5 inches high by 5 inches wide.

It will go on my Christmas tree this year.

Thanks for dropping by, and see you again soon. x

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

2 Owl Key-Rings

I have made these owl key rings using funky foam and a die from "Marianne Designs".

Quick and easy to do. The Pink one is for me and the Green one is for Sue, as we both run a craft club and need keys for the stock cupboard.

Monday, 27 October 2014

A Red & White Creation Using Sue Wilson Dies.

 Here is a card using Sue Wilson "French Collection" dies. I bought them on C&C after seeing John Lockwood Demonstrate them. I hadn't realised just how versatile they are, as each set can be used with each other. There are a total of 13 dies that all work well together- 6 patterned dies and 7 plain shaped dies - there are no duplicates so that if you just used the plain shapes you can do 7 different sized layers.  I have also had a go at the technique that John showed of using an embossing folder on a piece of card and then using a brayer and embossing ink and powders to create a lovely background. I was quite pleased with my first attempt - although there are few little smudges around the edge and middle. I have also used Spellbinders "Blooms One" for the flowers, with  pearls stuck in the centres.
 I added a shaped piece inside the card for me to write on.
A close-up of the embossing piece. I used Cosmic Shimmer "Christmas Red Sparkle" embossing powder.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sandy's Box for her Birthday Present.

Here is the box that I made for Sandy's birthday present, which was on yesterdays blog.

Just like Sally's box last week, I have used the same template. This time I used cream hammered card and didn't emboss. I have cut 8 panels to go around the edge and used my silhouette portrait to cut the letters to size.

 Flowers are added to the 3 spare panels and also on the top.

 The other die on the top is from Marianne Designs. (can't remember number).

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Another Mug Cover for another birthday !!

 Here is another mug cover I have made for Sandy's birthday. If you stopped by yesterday you would have seen the owl card that I made for her (scroll down if you missed it !)
 This time the material has cupcakes on the design, as she said she was going to make cupcakes to bring into the craft club where we both belong.
A good tip for those of you (me included) who are not that great at machining a straight line. When applying bias tape around the edge of a piece, by using a zig-zag stitch you are able to attach the bias, without being too neat. I always struggle to get both sides of the tape looking the same. It is also gives a decorative look to the edge.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Happy Birthday twit-twooo !!!

This is one of the things that I made a few weeks ago but was unable to show until today.

I have made this birthday card for my friend Sandy.

I cut 4 owl shapes in different sizes and decorated. Then I overlapped them slightly and stuck them together to create a continuous card. Once dried I was able to make the back of the card by drawing around the owl shapes. I have used a strip of card folded in half stuck to both the front and back to create a "hinge" on the birthday card.

This idea of layering different sizes of the same shape could be used for any design or occasion.

I hope she will be pleased with it......stop by tomorrow to see her present that I made. xx

Thursday, 23 October 2014

He's a prickly customer !!!!

Here is a cute hedgehog that I've knitted for my friend Jenny's birthday. She loves hedgehogs, so when I was at the Sandown Craft show last month I saw this pattern and couldn't resist !!!! I made this as soon as I got home, but had to save it until today to show you.

 The Pattern is by King Cole (9015) and is knitted using
Tinsel Chunky wool plus a small amount of DK.

I bought enough wool to make one for myself too!!
This is the largest size (approx. 9.5 ins long x 18 ins around his body). The pattern also has instructions for a medium and small hedgehog.

Hope she likes him.xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

And Mittens Completes the Set !!

Morning everyone. Hope you are all feeling tickety boo this morning.  I pleased to say I completed my knitting yesterday.....

....... here are the mittens that complete the set. It only took a few hours to knit these, so I am able to show these today.

Really please with these items and hopefully the baby boy (due in December) will be lovely and cosy wearing them !!
Have a good day......see you again soon. xx

Monday, 20 October 2014

Bootees to Match Cardigan....

Following on from yesterday, here are some bootees that I have made to match.

I've started on the mittens - so hopefully will be able to complete today and show tomorrow.

Hope you are all well and enjoying this late sunshine that we are having at the moment.

Until next time....take care. x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

And the Knitting Needles are still going Strong !!!!!!

I seem to have done quite a lot of knitting lately, but it's something I've always enjoyed doing.

This little baby boys cardigan I have just completed. Knitted in DK Wool in baby blue using pattern no: 635 from "Teddy". Don't know if this company is still going as this pattern must be at least 25 years old !!. The great thing about baby knitting patterns is that they don't really date. I think classic designs work for any age and no matter how old. - a bit like me really ..... LOL !!!

Pop by next week to see some more knitted projects complete and much more !!!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

He's such a cutie !!!!

 Here is a super soft teddy knitted in "King Cole -Luxe Fur" using pattern 9019.

He is about 24cm high, and has a black nose and eyes made using DK wool.

He was a bit tricky to knit as you couldn't tell what was plain and what was purl, and you certainly couldn't count your rows !!!. So I had to have it written on a piece of paper and ticked each row off as I knitted it !!.

Having said that he is soooooo cuddly. He will sit in my car with me.
Here is his face - as you couldn't really see from the photo above !!

Friday, 17 October 2014

And the winner is ?????

There wasn't an accurate guesser of what was in the box, but Jacquie did say something handcrafted so well done Jacquie (

Send me your address or email and then I can either post the template to you or send via email.

My email address is
And the answer is ..........

Well done if you got the answer right.....I will let you know if there was a winner tonight.

Here is another mug cover that I have made for my friend Sally's birthday.
I made it a while ago but couldn't show it until today.
 I had made one before, for myself, using the Simplicity pattern 2450.
However, it came up a bit small. So I have enlarged the pattern so that it now fits a half pint mug. I actually bought a glass 1/2 pint tankard, as it fits perfectly.
As Sally is also a crafter, I thought a bigger storage mug would be better.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

What can be inside????????

Good morning everyone. Here is a mystery for you to solve. I have made this octagonal box to house the present for my friend Sally's birthday which was yesterday.

This I have made in Centura Pearl card and I have embossed each piece using "X Cut - Butterflies" embossing folder.

I have kept the embellishments quite simple as the box is the star of the show. I have added white ribbon and some aqua and blue flowers on the top.

Please leave a comment/guess today and the winner will receive a copy of the template to make this box. (Sally & girls from Wednesday night are exempt as they will already know LOL !!!!).

Stop by tomorrow for the present to be revealed. I have already scheduled the post so if there is a winner I will put an additional post tomorrow evening.

Good Luck !! xx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Folded Photo Frame....for Rolo !!

Morning All, thanks for stopping by. Here is a folded photo frame, with of course, Rolo's photograph.
It is achieved by using a 12 x 12 piece of paper or thin card. Just a total of 5 folds will create this frame. The centre triangles are held down with a brad and ribbon runs through all 4 triangles to keep the frame together.

Monday, 13 October 2014

A Simple Stitched Xmas Card

 Here is a quick and simple Xmas card that I have put together today.
The simple stitch to create a frame is done in a variegated thread of black/white/grey. The topper is a die and stamp set of a bauble (Spellbinders - I think). I dug out my peel offs and found this black and silver design that works well in the corners. I haven't used peel offs that much lately, but they do come in handy sometimes. Layered onto black and then silver card.
A close up of the stamped image that I have embossed with white embossing powder.
I have also been working on a birthday card that I cant show just yet......stop by on Friday 24th October and all will be revealed LOL !!!!!!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Christmas ball made from circles.

Welcome everyone to another crafting project from me. This ball is made up from 20 circles cut out of paper and the sides folded in to create a triangle in the centre. Then the "flaps" of the circles are glued together in groups of 5 to create a ball. A bit fiddly to start with, but once you have stuck 3 sets of 5 together you can see where the other pieces will go to create a ball shape. A piece of ribbon is added to hang it up with. Simples !!!!!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

It's Snowing !!!!!!!!!

Afternoon everyone, thanks for checking out my blog.

Well, another week has flown by....not sure why I seem to be so busy but some projects take a little while to complete.

Yesterday I went to Ally Pally for the "Stitching & Knitting Show". There were so many stalls with fabric on this year, more so than in previous years. The prices varied considerably between stalls and loads of "Fat quarter bundles". I have to say I was extremely well behaved and didn't buy any fabric - although I was looking for some to make a dog coat.

I did buy a couple of things though, a fabric bauble kit and a bead angel kit. I will show these just as soon as I have made them.

Onto todays offering.

I bought these MDF words a few weeks ago from the "MDF MAN" at Ally Pally.
 I printed off an image from google of a snowman and applied them to each letter using "glue and seal" from Once dried I used a emery board to make a neater seal around each letter.
 I have used textured paste from "Daler-Rowan" to add "snow" to each letter as well as adding glittery dots using a quickie glue pen doted onto the word and then sprinkled with extra fine glitter.
 On the "N & W" I have also added white snowflakes using a die from Robert Addams, and adding a small blue gem in the centre.
On the "O" when I added the paper, the snowman was virtually gone so I printed off a smaller image and stuck acetate over the top by using double sided sheets. I then have hung this in the gap of the "O" using silver ribbon.

The letters are joined together by using jewellery wire with blue, aqua and clear beads. I have also wrapped a thinner blue wire around the beads and to keep them in place once through the letters, I have curled the wire into a coil.

On the back of each letter I used a silver "Buff-it paste" from Pinflair. Once dried I mixed some of the textured paste with a very small amount of blue acrylic paint and using a mesh stencil pasted over the entire word to look like rows of dots.
On the edges of each word I have used a black permanent marker to give a clean finish.

Thanks for stopping by.....see you again soon. xx