Sunday, 21 December 2014

Memorial Bunnies.

 Good Morning all, not long now before the big day, hope you are all organised and prepared to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

Whilst you are celebrating, please spare a thought for those people who are less fortunate. 
My Sister-in-law is a midwife at the local hospital. Part
of her duties is to care for the bereaved parents who have had a still-born baby, or due to health issues have had a mis-carriage or termination. 

 She asked me if I would crochet some small bunnies, with pink or blue bows for the hospital to give to the parents for their memory box, and also for one to be placed in the casket with the baby. The parents are given the choice as to what they want to happen to their baby, some want a full burial, some a cremation , and some just want the hospital to deal with the baby. As some are very, very small the hospital didn't want anything too large, so these only measure about 2 inches and are flat.

 Of course, I didn't hesitate in helping the hospital, and have made quite a few for them. I will continue through-out the year to make these.
 I photographed them on a white and a black background so that you can see them clearly.

I hope I haven't made you all feel depressed with this blog, it's sad but it does make you appreciate your families.
Take care all and thanks for stopping by. x 


  1. Janice, what a wonderful thing to do. My heart goes out to those who lose a baby at any stage. But the saddest of all are those who lose their little ones in child birth. 9 months and everything is well then something happens at the very last minute. My nephews wife is also a midwife and has also had to be their for these parents. This is a lovely memory item, well done you for giving it your time. Hazel x

  2. They are gorgeous and a fab idea. It has put my problems into perspective, I was feeling so sorry for myself, thanks Jan. xxxx

  3. Hi Janice
    Well, that's me sniffing and reaching for the tissues!
    They may be small but each stitch crocheted with love.
    You're a kind hearted soul.
    Best wishes, sniff,
    Ang x

  4. Jan this is a really lovely gesture, we are all very proud of you and your thoughtfulness. Keep it up you are doing really well. Sue and all your friends at the craft groups. xx