Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Rolo in his coat for Christmas....a sneak peek !!!!

Here is Rolo wearing his new coat that I have made him for Christmas. He's not having it now, but because he is a "little round" in the belly, I had to try it on him before and after I had applied the Velcro fastening to make sure it would fit.

Here he is sitting on my sons bed in the morning. He likes to lay on here as the sun is shining through the window and is the perfect temperature for him.

I think he looks very smart in his coat and I look forward to taking him out in it after Christmas. I've got to wrap it up now so that he can open it on Christmas morning LOL !!.

I've wrapped up all my present, bar a few, so can relax a bit before it's time to battle around the supermarket to get a trolley load of food that cant be eaten before Christmas (despite the begging !!) but as soon as Christmas arrives I'm telling everyone to eat up everything......are you the same in your household ???

Have a good Wednesday. Bye for now x


  1. WOW! Janice, this is stunning gal, well done you for such a fabulous doggie coat and doesn't Rolo look proud wearing it? Fabulous work.

    Sorry I have missed your last couple of posts but they were gorgeous, I am trying to get the house sorted before Christmas and still helping with my neighbour, I have nearly gone through all my kitchen cupboards and drawers lol! Next will be the conservatory so I can put the Christmas décor up!

    Have a nice day

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Love it! You need to go into production with these - I would certainly buy one for Bella xx

  3. It's really great Janice, the only thing is you should have put a blindfold on Rolo, because he now knows what he's got for Christmas. Surprise has been spoiled LOL!!! You'll have to make another one now in different colour to bring back the surprise haha!! See you Friday xx

  4. Hi Janice
    Awwwwwwwww, Rolo is just too darn cute! He looks quite chuffed with his one off designer jacket.
    Looks brilliant Janice.
    As for food, bought a large box of posh biscuits on Saturday that were for Christmas and its been demolished! Everything else I've bought is hidden. . . . . Just hope I can remember where I hid it all hahaha!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  5. Janice Rolo looks great in his designer coat, oh he will make all his doggy friends jealous, you might even get their owners asking you to make dogs one!! Our lab is just a tad to big, not width wise just long and tall to have one. Hazel x