Monday, 9 February 2015

2 Little Dickie Birds.............

 Well, good morning all, hope you all had a smashing weekend and are refreshed, ready to start a new week.

When I got the pattern to knit these 2 budgies, I couldn't wait !!!

The pattern is by "Debi Birkin Designs". They were knitted in DK wool and only really took oddments to complete. The instructions were very clear and there were several photos to help with the assembly.

They sit on a hoop (6in embroidery frame which I covered in pink wool).
There are pipe cleaners in the tails to keep them stiff.

 A close-up of the love birds.

The view from behind.

I knitted these in a couple of evenings, although the assembly took a little while to do.

Hope I have inspired you to get your knitting needles out and start something new.......

let me know what you've knitted or crochet.

Have a good day/week. Thanks for stopping by to view my blog. x


  1. They look so sweet, you must have loads of patience to do this, I hate stitching things together. xxxx

  2. Wow!! They are so cute, you've done a lovely job of them.
    Sue xx

  3. Oh Janice these are stunning, fabulous piece of work, I love them lol! So, so sweet, they look so real. I hope they take pride of place in your home.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. Hi Janice
    Wow! Would never have dreamt that you could knit budgies. They look terrific. Any duck patterns knocking about? Lol!
    Have a great week.
    Ang x

  5. Oh my gosh Janice these little budgies are just adorable.

    Hugs Diane