Monday, 16 February 2015

2nd Mother's Day Card

 Good morning to you all. Well it's the start of another week. Time is really moving by fast, mind you, it doesn't help when i am making cards for the following month now. This is the 2nd Mother's day card and this one will be for my ex Mother-in-law (don't ask !!!!!) I still like to make her a card and write that it is from all of us.

It's another stitched and beaded card......sorry if I'm becoming predictable, but at the moment i am really enjoying making these cards, and if you enjoy doing something then you should continue, which is what crafting should all be about don't you agree ??

 This time, i stitched directly onto the backing card. The topper image is from LOTV, which i have cut down to fit my space, after i had layered it onto some pink card. I also used the pink card as my first layer and for my sentiment - which is just a peel-off. 
I added a piece of bakers twine and added 2 beads on each end and then knotted the twine so that the beads would not fall off !!

 I have been asked how i stitch these designs. You start off with a pattern, which is a series of dots in a design. You lay this pattern over your card stock and each hole is pricked through to transfer the design onto your cardstock. Then it is just a matter of stitching through these holes to create the design. Some patterns (like the one above) is just straight lines, others, are more intricate and require counting and stitching back and forth to create a curved line or pattern. The beads are added on afterwards, all the work is secured at the back of your cardstock with sellotape- no knots, as this would make your card uneven and difficult to attach to a card blank.
Have a brilliant day, whatever you are doing and thanks for stopping by. x


  1. Looks gorgeous Janice, loving the way you are incorporating stitching onto your cards, xxx

  2. Beautiful Janice you do make them look extra special.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Morning Janice, wow gorgeous papers and card design.

    Hugs Diane

  4. Hi Janice
    Sorry for delay. Been trying to rest my arm.
    Your stitched cards always look fabulous.
    If I sent my ex MiL sometjing , it wouldn't be a card! In fact, I don't think it would get through the post office x ray machine without interception hahaha!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x