Friday, 13 February 2015

A Quilt Cover Design Card

Well it's Friday the 13th today........ hope you aren't superstitious....if you are STAY IN AND DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING !!!!! LOL !!

Today's card is a stitched birthday card. The stitched pattern is from "Form-a-lines" and is called "Quilt block flower". With this title in mind, once i had completed the stitching i scan the image onto my computer and then reduced the image and then duplicated it several times until i was able to do 16 "blocks" to represent a quilt cover. This i then printed off to use as my background paper. The original stitched piece was mounted onto green and red card and place diagonally in the center of the card. I have added red gems to the center of each flower, as well as where each block meets.

A close-up of the stitching pattern.

Thanks for stopping by. Tune in tomorrow to see my Valentines card that i have done for my husband.

Take special care today and remember it's only 24hrs long.......what could possibly happen in 24 hrs ?????

Let me know if anything did happen to you. x


  1. Morning Janice, this is fabulous and I so love how you have made the background paper just by printing the image.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Hi Jan... I had to take a double take!... first of all I thought you had stitched all of it... and I just stared at your card for ages before I read your blog Lol... How clever that you scaned in your lovely stitched tile to make that gorgeous background paper to go with it.. I love it..and very inspiring :) xx

  3. Good morning Jan,
    I am back to join you having now moved into my new home. Having had to change my email and added a new photo I seem to have increased your members as the person profile from before is still shown and I'm sorry I don't know how to delete it. But to more important things, I love the way you have created the background paper from the stitching, an inspired idea,
    best wishes Jackie

  4. So pretty Jan the stitching matches it perfectly, xxx,

  5. Hi Janice
    Wowdy wow wow wow! Genius idea, scanning the stitched piece. You will get some amazing papers doing this.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x