Thursday, 30 April 2015

Celtic Dream Card

 Good Morning All on this last day of April. My how time flies......

Today's card has been made using my new die from Tonic "Celtic Dream". I couldn't wait to start using these dies and I think I will get a lot of use out of them too.

I have made an easel card. There are 12 dies in this set, with the largest being about 8 inches, at £30 are quite expensive but circles are so useful and versatile.

I have teamed it up with a Sue Wilson lattice bow die to act as my stopper on the easel card. In purple and white I think the patterns work well together.

I have added a small felt purple bow in the centre and wording using Robert Addams dies.

Enjoy the last day of April and see you next month !! LOL !! x

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Perfect Match !

 Good Morning All.....nearly at the end of April....where did this month go ???

A newly bought die from Tonic ...couldn't resist lol !!. As I love using my SP Delicate Aster die I thought it would look great with this Tonic die (Delicate Daisy).

I have used the SP Delicate Aster on the largest flower space and used the Tonic Delicate Daisies on the other smaller flower spaces, as well as in the corner.
A good die with 2 different edges to be used, and 4 flowers.

 Just a added sentiment, and gems in each of the flowers.
Have also bought from Tonic "Celtic Dream 12 die set". Cant wait to have a play with this large circle die, so pop back soon and see what I've created. x

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I Love a man in Uniform.....don't you ?!!!!

Well, that certainly got your attention ..... LOL !!!
My friend's grandson is 3 at the end of May and he loves Fireman Sam. I thought I had a knitting pattern to make a doll for him, but I didn't, but I came across the "Jean Greenhowe- knitted Toys" book. In this book there is a page of 10 knitted dolls all made in the same basis way, but with different additions to make them unique. I thought I could adapt this pattern to make a fireman.
I bought a birthday card with Fireman Sam on so that I could get it as close as possible to the real thing. I'm happy with the result.

Have a good day and see you again soon.x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Man's Card.....(groan !!!!!)

Morning all, hope you're all having a good weekend.

Today's post is for a I know we all prefer to do cards for ladies so that we can add bling, flowers, butterflies etc etc but occasionally we have to knuckle down and try and come up with something suitable for men. Not that they really care what's on the card or how long it has taken you to make it LOL !!...but that's why men and women are different.

Today's card is for my ex. We still send each other birthday cards so it's all very civilised.... (LOL).

A quick and simple card :- stripy paper, LOTV topper backed onto red card, set off square for a change and a sentiment. The cogs are from x-cut dies.

LOTV are great for men's cards as they depict boys doing things.....and that's what men are really BOYS !!!!

Have a good day. x

Friday, 24 April 2015

Using Sue Wilson Weaving Dies.....

 Good Morning All, Friday again already and the weekend eagerly awaits us all. Hope you've had a good week so far and looking forward to the weekend.

Todays card is created using Sue Wilson Weaving Dies. On Wednesday evening three friends and I meet up to craft (and chat) together. This Wednesday we all had a go at using these dies which belonged to one of the friends.

Apparently there are two ways of doing this:- the Sue Wilson way (which I have done) or the John Next Door way..... Check out his blog to see his version.

The weaving was simple to do......although it seemed to take us all evening just to do the weaving......cant think why !!!!! LOL !!!!
 I finished my card off yesterday. I first found the backing paper....which wasn't easy as there are various shades of jade/teal coloured papers...eventually found this one with owls on. Luckily I like owls (in case you didn't know !!) so I decided to cut out an owl die that I had in the jade card and add it to 2 layered frames onto the weaving. The embossed frame around the weaving also belongs to my friend and I think is also a Sue Wilson die.
 I added a small white flower which had white beads in the centre. I have coloured these in jade using a Sharpie pen.
I had stamped the sentiment using jade ink but it wasn't dark enough so I went over it with a gel pen. I have also added some shimmer dome stickers from Docrafts.

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by......XX

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Beaded Poppy Brooch

Good Morning one and all, hope everyone is well and happy. A warm welcome to Pamellia, who is now a member, I hope you like my creations....

Today's blog is a beaded poppy brooch. I've photographed it along side a ruler so that you can see how small the beads are. They are Delicas - size 11 Miyuki beads which lay lovely and flat. Needless to say, glasses had to be worn at all times making this LOL !!!!

It is made by doing brick stitch which, like the name implies, are a line of beads over another line of beads but off set (like a brick wall) each row is attached by sewing into the row below so that the beads nestle against each other.

It is sewn together by firstly attaching the brooch pin to the green leaf. Then with a larger faceted black bead in the centre of the poppy, the black bead is attached to the green leaf. The instructions advised using red and green cotton, but I used white and then with my promarkers just coloured in the final line of cotton (on the outer edge) so as not to see it.

Hope you like this and maybe tempted to have a go's very rewarding. Have a good day and see you again soon. x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Re-posted Blog.

 Morning all - no you're not going have seen this before LOL !!!

I had scheduled this post to appear today a while ago, but for some reason the blog was shown on the day that I was doing the scheduling it even showed the date of Wed 22nd, so I deleted it and have now put it back on so that it should appear today.

This stitched pattern I enlarged so that I could use beads instead of stitches. I have attached the beads in the same way as yesterdays blog (scroll down to see). When I was looking for suitable background papers I came across this one and although it doesn't look like the same flower, the colours were perfect.
I think it came from Making Cards magazine. The wording is from Robert Addams dies.

Have a great day and see you again soon. x

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Floral display in a Dome.

 Good Morning All. I have scheduled this blog for today, as I made this card a few weeks ago, but as it's for a friends birthday today, couldn't show it before now.
 For the decoration I decided to use the Spellbinders "delicate aster" die (my fav), I thought to make it look different I would encase the flowers inside a dome.
This stitched pattern I have altered, in as much as I enlarged the pattern, and used beads instead of stitching. I have also attached the beads differently in that I stitched them from both sides so that the bead sat "upright" instead of "flat" - if that makes sense to you.

I have used pale pink thread & beads and pale pink mirri card. The photo's don't do the colour justice as it is more pink in real life.

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by. x

I would like to enter this into challenge.

Monday, 20 April 2015

An Art Deco Easel Card

Morning all, Monday again, hope you all had a good weekend.
Today's card is an Art Deco shaped Easel card. I recently bought the template from a local craft shop and couldn't wait to make a card.
Love art deco and the colour purple so a match made in heaven for me !!
There are 3 layers per panel and 5 panels across the card so that involved a lot of cutting out and gluing. LOL !!
The image came from "Making Cards Magazine" (quite an old edition)

Another card for Christmas......although I'm not sure about the wording dies on this - it's from Robert Addams Dies, but because it's vertical and slanted I'm not sure if it looks ok......what do you think?

See you again tomorrow. x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

As George Michael sings "You've gotta have Faith" !!!!!

Good Afternoon All, hope you are all looking forward to your Roast Dinner Today!!! Beef for me, with Yorkshire pudding and loads of veg, accompanied by a glass (or 2) of Rose wine and for afters Banoffee pie. It's all cooking now so just have time to share this blog with you today.
Another book folding creation. This time it's the word "Faith". Just like the heart one I did a while ago, it was easy to do, a little time consuming as it takes 249 pages of marking out and then folding.
My friend's granddaughter is called "Faith", so I have done it for her.
I inked over each letter with a black and yellow inkpad and then decorated the outside and inner cover of the book with yellow and black patterned paper.
Have a good rest of the day and see you again soon. x

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Blanket Stitch Cushion

Afternoon all, hope you are all well and happy and if it's sunny where you are, enjoy.
Been an emotional week this week. My eldest son came home on Monday for his grandmother's funeral on Wednesday. He has been sleeping in my craft room,(hence the scheduled posts this week), so have been unable to do any crafting in my craft room.
The funeral went well. It was a lovely sunny day and the collection of flowers and wreaths were beautiful.
This was the first funeral that my boys have had to attend and it was too much for my youngest, who broke down in tears.
Moving on, I have taken the bandages off my finger that I sliced a few weeks ago. The wound has now joined together ok, but unfortunately I have no feeling in the top of my finger, and not as much movement. I'm hoping this will rectify itself over time. It feels weird when I did a little bit of crochet the other day. Haven't tried knitting yet - but might have a go this weekend.
On to todays blog. I finished off the third crochet cushion. I have been doing different crochet stitches, but using the same colours of green, brown and white.
This stitch is blanket stitch, which is quite a dense stitch and looks the same both sides. 
Hopefully, I can now do more in my craft room over the next few days, so keep stopping by to see if anything new.

Have a great weekend and thanks for viewing my blog.x

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Floral Bouquet

 Good Morning all, the last of the scheduled posts for this week, Thursday 16th.

Another stitched and beaded card and another LOTV topper !!
I must admit to being keen on LOTV as their images are just perfect for card-making. This image I have used a scalloped edge square die and cut it out on the angle to give a diamond shape, which works better with the stitching.

There is a lot of beads on this card. In sets of 4 bright pink, yellow, mauve and bright pink again.

I've added a strip of mauve ribbon across the bottom. As it was like trellis I debated to myself what to put across the bottom:- should it be flowers or gems or a sentiment????? in the end I plumped for small bows.
A close-up of the beads.

Hopefully I might have been able to get into my craft room to produce something for tomorrow....if not please stop by each day to see if there is anything new.

Have a good day. x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beautiful Sunflowers.

 Good morning all, this post is scheduled for Wednesday 15th. Not a happy day for me and my boys as today is the funeral of my ex- MIL and their grandmother. This is the first funeral that my sons will attend and is a sign of getting older and having to deal with the unpleasant side of life.

Rather than be morbid I have chosen a bright and sunny card that will hopefully lift spirits and look forward to the future, as despite sorrow, life does continue to go on.

This card is just beaded around the topper, which is from LOTV. I have used 3 beads:- yellow, green and clear. I cut up some circular peel-offs into 4 and stuck them in the four corners. Backed onto some pale green card and then yellow dotted paper.
A close-up of the beads although in this image you can see the pale green beads so well as the flash has bounced off them.

Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon. x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Owl and Roses card.

 Morning all, if I have scheduled this right today should be Tuesday 14th, if not than I apologise LOL !!

This card is one that I completed at the weekend. I had done the stitching and didn't quite know what to put on it to go with the flowers. I didn't want to add flowers and none of my toppers worked so then I looked through my dies and came across this lovely owl. I cut him out in brown card and when I had stuck him onto the stitched card I coloured parts of him in to tie in with the stitching. I found some pretty rose backing paper. I added a layer of brown card behind the stitched piece and used the same brown card for the sentiment.
The owl.

Thanks for joining me today, please stop by again. x

Monday, 13 April 2015

Restful Lavender

 Morning all. I hope you are all well and happy this Monday morning. I had a lovely weekend crafting. (as well as the normal housework and cooking dinners etc). I managed to make into cards some of the stitching and beading that I have completed. My son is coming home today as we have a funeral to go to on Wednesday (my ex MIL) so I wont be able to get into the craft room this week. So I have scheduled the cards to appear (hopefully) this week.

Today's card is a simple one. The topper is from LOTV. The stitching and beadwork around the topper was easily done. Just backed onto some suitable paper. This card will go into my stash for when I need a birthday card quickly.
A close-up of the stitching and beadwork.

Have a good day and please stop by tomorrow for another card. x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Book Folding....1st attempt.

 Afternoon all. Here is something new that I've attempted. Book Folding. I looked on line and got a free pattern of a single heart.
It was very easy to do, just mark each page as the pattern states (2 measurements) then fold each side of the page where you have marked.
As my book had enough pages in, I did the heart three times then inked over the heart with a red ink pad.
 I covered the back and inside cover with red card and paper, and removed any pages left in the book.
I've added 2 small hearts punched out of red card.

There are lots of patterns -many words- that you can buy on line and it's a good way to re-cycle a book. My husband always reads in the bath and so ruins the books. This way I can use them for doing craft rather than just putting them in the recycling bin.

My finger is beginning to knit together and hopefully I will be able to do some knitting or crochet, which I cant do at the  moment.

Have a good weekend. It's sunshine and showers here today at the moment. x

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Muscle Cake !!!

Afternoon to you all. Hope you are enjoying your day and the sunshine (if you've got it).
Here is the birthday cake that I have made for my son Gary. He is 23 today and into body building.......hence the strong man cake !!.
He is following a high protein diet and goes to the gym 7 times a week. He is eating me out of "house and home" as he has 5 meals a day plus protein shakes.
On this cake I have made the "Weights" using liquorice allsorts on each end of skewer.
It's just white easy to roll icing and I've used a icing pen to draw the image, which is meant to look like my son. He was pleased with it and his card (Chewbacca) without any blood on it LOL !!
Have a good day, thanks for stopping by and see you again soon. x

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Update !!

Just a quick blog today as I've nothing finished to show as yet.

I've not been able to do any knitting or crochet with my finger bandaged up, but instead have been doing some sewing on card. I've done 4 that I need to make into cards, so hopefully will get some time later on today to finish them.

I've made a birthday cake for my son this morning, and will decorate later.

I've now removed the bandage and just have tape around my finger - the wound is still open and hasn't knitted together just yet, so I think it will be a long process before it's totally healed.

Now that I have just got the tape on I'm back on washing up duties -- to be honest I am glad really as the washing up hasn't been done as I like it - nor have the worktops or cooker been cleaned properly !!! - I'm not a manic cleaner but I'm afraid that my husband and son (like many men it seems) don't know how to wash up properly or know that it's not just washing up but wiping down too!!!

I had to bite my tongue when hubby came food shopping with me....he had control of the trolley and I was allowed to put the food in LOL !! and as always, when he has come with me, extra things get added as we are walking around the aisles that I wouldn't buy..... Packing the bags was another nightmare !!! Why don't men realise that eggs, bread and soft things go into the bags last and that you don't put raw food with other foods.......thank god I can go it alone again now ......!!!!!!!

Moan over - hope you enjoy your day and hopefully I will have something "crafty" to show you tomorrow x

Monday, 6 April 2015

"The Force Was Strong in this Card !!!!"

Afternoon All, Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter and enjoying the long weekend.
Here is the card that caused my injury (hence the title and pun - for all those Star Wars Fans !!)
It was whilst I was trying to add the eyes that I had my accident with the scissors.
This card is for my youngest son's birthday, which is on Wednesday. When I told him I had cut my finger whilst making his birthday card his response was "hope there's no blood on my card !!"
I bought the fur fabric when I was at Excel Craft show. I used Sharpie pens in yellow and black onto the fur so that it looked more like "Chewbacca". I also had to back comb and hairspray it so it was in the same style.
Despite my injured finger (which is still tender) I am really pleased with the result. I just hope he will be too LOL !!
Have a good day x

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter.

Thank you for your kind comments on my sliced finger. It's beginning to heal slowly I think. I haven't taken the bandages off yet as the hospital told me to keep on for 3 days. Rolo my border terrier keeps sniffing my bandages as he can probably smell the blood through it. I've not been able to do any crafting as I can't knit or crochet with my finger bandaged up. Hubby and son have done the washing up for me. Although I am very grateful I have to resist the urge to go through the bits to make sure they are as clean as I would like them.  

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and have a lovely Easter. X

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Disaster in the Craft Room !!!!!

Good Morning All, This is the result of me crafting yesterday lunchtime......a trip to A&E.

I was doing a really stupid thing (as we all do) I was using Tim Holtz lovely sharp scissors to poke a hole through some fabric - having the scissors closed would have made the hole too big - so rather stupidly I opened the scissors so that I just had one blade going through - which it did rather easily and straight into my finger at a lovely angle. It was very deep and I couldn't stop the bleeding.

Luckily, my husband was home, so he took me to A&E where I waited nearly 2 hours to be seen. When they took the bandage (that we had put on) off, it was still bleeding. They had a little trouble trying to stem the blood. Didn't have stitches though just tape to keep skin together.

Not painful, but I keep getting shooting pains when I stretch my hand without thinking.

On a positive note: I cant do the washing-up or peel the potatoes for a while - so hubby and son have taken over those duties. Hubby even came shopping with me this morning.

Will try and play the injured victim for the rest of the bank holiday weekend.

Will try and craft one handed for now.

I guess it wont be the last stupid thing I ever do but hopefully I've learnt my lesson with scissors !!!!

If you're crafting today - be careful. xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Springtime !!

Good afternoon all.

A very quick blog, as I have been playing this morning making flowers using a simple die.

The inspiration has come from Brittannia Dies, as they have produced a booklet which gives instructions on how to make several different flowers using one die.

Here are my efforts......

 a rose
 a poppy
 a sunflower
a fuchsia
Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon. xx