Sunday, 19 April 2015

As George Michael sings "You've gotta have Faith" !!!!!

Good Afternoon All, hope you are all looking forward to your Roast Dinner Today!!! Beef for me, with Yorkshire pudding and loads of veg, accompanied by a glass (or 2) of Rose wine and for afters Banoffee pie. It's all cooking now so just have time to share this blog with you today.
Another book folding creation. This time it's the word "Faith". Just like the heart one I did a while ago, it was easy to do, a little time consuming as it takes 249 pages of marking out and then folding.
My friend's granddaughter is called "Faith", so I have done it for her.
I inked over each letter with a black and yellow inkpad and then decorated the outside and inner cover of the book with yellow and black patterned paper.
Have a good rest of the day and see you again soon. x


  1. What a wonderful gift for her, a real keepsake for ever, xxxx

  2. Hi Janice
    He also sang "I Want Your Sex" but I hope you're not going to attempt that on your page folding. . . . . maybe on a copy of 50 Shades of Grey hahaha!
    Another marvellous creation. Tinting the edges really brings it to life.
    Loving your work!!!
    Ang x

    PS. . . . Had to work all day, then cook bangers and mash so I'm supremely jealous of your roast.