Saturday, 18 April 2015

Blanket Stitch Cushion

Afternoon all, hope you are all well and happy and if it's sunny where you are, enjoy.
Been an emotional week this week. My eldest son came home on Monday for his grandmother's funeral on Wednesday. He has been sleeping in my craft room,(hence the scheduled posts this week), so have been unable to do any crafting in my craft room.
The funeral went well. It was a lovely sunny day and the collection of flowers and wreaths were beautiful.
This was the first funeral that my boys have had to attend and it was too much for my youngest, who broke down in tears.
Moving on, I have taken the bandages off my finger that I sliced a few weeks ago. The wound has now joined together ok, but unfortunately I have no feeling in the top of my finger, and not as much movement. I'm hoping this will rectify itself over time. It feels weird when I did a little bit of crochet the other day. Haven't tried knitting yet - but might have a go this weekend.
On to todays blog. I finished off the third crochet cushion. I have been doing different crochet stitches, but using the same colours of green, brown and white.
This stitch is blanket stitch, which is quite a dense stitch and looks the same both sides. 
Hopefully, I can now do more in my craft room over the next few days, so keep stopping by to see if anything new.

Have a great weekend and thanks for viewing my blog.x


  1. Sad week for you all Jan. Love the cushion cover and I hope your finger returns to normal soon, xxx

  2. Hi Jan,

    So sorry things are not well, its very hard for children to accept a loss especially one so close. I hope your youngest is okay and can hold on to the happy memories he has.

    Fabulous cushion, love the stitch and the colours, glad your finger is finally on the mend too.

    Take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. Hi Janice
    Fabulous cushion. You are a clever girlie when it comes to this crochet malarkey. Hope your finger rights itself. Must feel very odd.
    Good for your son letting it out. Not good to hold emotions back.
    Thanks for the tip on the embroidery threads though I dare say, if I tried stitching cards, I would look like a toddler had done it lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  4. Hi Janice, glad the funeral went off well even though it was emotional. What a super cushion though I thought at first it was knitted, never seen crochet like this before. Hope your finger is improving as the days pass, best wishes Jackie xx