Thursday, 2 April 2015

Disaster in the Craft Room !!!!!

Good Morning All, This is the result of me crafting yesterday lunchtime......a trip to A&E.

I was doing a really stupid thing (as we all do) I was using Tim Holtz lovely sharp scissors to poke a hole through some fabric - having the scissors closed would have made the hole too big - so rather stupidly I opened the scissors so that I just had one blade going through - which it did rather easily and straight into my finger at a lovely angle. It was very deep and I couldn't stop the bleeding.

Luckily, my husband was home, so he took me to A&E where I waited nearly 2 hours to be seen. When they took the bandage (that we had put on) off, it was still bleeding. They had a little trouble trying to stem the blood. Didn't have stitches though just tape to keep skin together.

Not painful, but I keep getting shooting pains when I stretch my hand without thinking.

On a positive note: I cant do the washing-up or peel the potatoes for a while - so hubby and son have taken over those duties. Hubby even came shopping with me this morning.

Will try and play the injured victim for the rest of the bank holiday weekend.

Will try and craft one handed for now.

I guess it wont be the last stupid thing I ever do but hopefully I've learnt my lesson with scissors !!!!

If you're crafting today - be careful. xx


  1. Hi Jan, oh No! You silly moo lol! Hope its not too sore but like you say on the plus side, keep it going for a while, I cut my hand on a tin last year and had to leave all washing up etc to the men lol! I thought they would have glued it like they did mine so be careful not to take the bandage off too quickly, I must say you have beautiful hands I would never dare show mine lol!
    Take it easy and have a great day

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Oh poor you, I did a similar thing afew weeks ago, cutting a stem off a button and literally cut a chunk out of my index finger and it bloody hurt too,
    Spanish do celebrate Easter, some are off today and Friday, some just Friday and some have Monday too. xxx
    Have a good one even if you cant craft, xxx

  3. Oh dear Jan still we all do things without thinking sometimes. You have some compensation if hubby and son help with the chores! Enjoy your Easter weekend, best wishes Jackie xx

  4. Hi Janice
    Flippin eck gal. Having spent the best part of a day parked in front of a computer doing Health and Safety training, I am shaking my head and tutting lol!
    Hope it feels better soon chuck.
    Ang x