Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Update !!

Just a quick blog today as I've nothing finished to show as yet.

I've not been able to do any knitting or crochet with my finger bandaged up, but instead have been doing some sewing on card. I've done 4 that I need to make into cards, so hopefully will get some time later on today to finish them.

I've made a birthday cake for my son this morning, and will decorate later.

I've now removed the bandage and just have tape around my finger - the wound is still open and hasn't knitted together just yet, so I think it will be a long process before it's totally healed.

Now that I have just got the tape on I'm back on washing up duties -- to be honest I am glad really as the washing up hasn't been done as I like it - nor have the worktops or cooker been cleaned properly !!! - I'm not a manic cleaner but I'm afraid that my husband and son (like many men it seems) don't know how to wash up properly or know that it's not just washing up but wiping down too!!!

I had to bite my tongue when hubby came food shopping with me....he had control of the trolley and I was allowed to put the food in LOL !! and as always, when he has come with me, extra things get added as we are walking around the aisles that I wouldn't buy..... Packing the bags was another nightmare !!! Why don't men realise that eggs, bread and soft things go into the bags last and that you don't put raw food with other foods.......thank god I can go it alone again now ......!!!!!!!

Moan over - hope you enjoy your day and hopefully I will have something "crafty" to show you tomorrow x


  1. Morning Jan,

    Had to laugh as they are my sentiments exactly lol! men only ever do half a job, I'm sure its their way of making sure they are never asked again!!!
    Glad you are on the mend, be careful you don't over do it and open up the wound again.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  2. I understand every single thing you have said Jan, xxxx

  3. Hi Janice
    Amen sister you are preaching to the converted!
    I think I will be reincarnated as a parrot the amount of repeating I have to do about how to clean things . . . . . .like, "the bath has an edge and taps that need cleaning as well as the bit you sit in" as well as the classic "toothpaste spray up the mirror and window is not an attractive piece of bathroom decor!"
    Best wishes.
    Ang x