Sunday, 24 May 2015

Watch Out this card's been
"BLINGO-ED".............LOL !!

 Good Morning All, sorry to dazzle everyone so early in the day LOL !!

I certainly went O.T.T. with this card....although it started out so simply LOL !!

Most of my stitching on card is done on linen card. I usually cut the A4 card into 2 squares which leaves an off cut. These off cuts I can make into book marks, or small borders. With this thin strip I decided to extend the pattern that I had so that it fitted the length of the card (7 3/4 inches). The pattern was a simple design but it has 8 small beads per segment - which turned out to be 104 beads!

 I then decided to use the Sue Wilson Gemini Dies- Cygnus on some pale pink mirri card. Because the die is only 6 1/4 inches long I had to extend it to match my stitched piece. Well, somehow in the process of doing this on both sides I had marked the mirri card with the GC board edges, so I decided to then emboss the piece with a paisley embossing folder. Was very pleased with the result, but being pale pink it needed something dark behind to show off the pattern - of course black is the answer !!. So then I had to back the stitched piece onto black as well.

 Luckily for me I found this decoupage topper that matched perfectly and I love art deco.... I even feel that the die is quite art deco-ish.
I then went totally O.T.T. and added pale pink gems all around the image and onto the die piece.

But I have to say I love it !!!!!

I think I need to lie down in a darkened room to rest my eyes !!!! x


  1. Very pretty Jan, but all those beads, glad you managed to hide the marks on the mirror card.

    Enjoy the day.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous Jan, so classy, xxx

  3. Your card is gorgeous-just the right amount of bling for the art deco image.


  4. Hi Jan,

    Stunning card, love it. You know I'm not a Pink person but this is very lush!!! It all matches perfectly and looks so right, not OTT at all. Just beautiful.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. I'm not a pink person either but this pink mirri is verging on the lilac and I like it Looks brilliant after being cut and embossed your beading is lovely Ssomething I've never tried