Monday, 15 June 2015

2nd Showing of Hubby's card....

 Morning all, no you haven't got a sense of Deja-vu LOL !!!  I had scheduled this post to appear today on Saturday (if that makes sense) but for some reason it appeared Saturday afternoon, so I deleted it. Not sure if blogger was playing up or whether I had pressed the wrong buttons (highly likely, but will blame blogger !!).

If you had seen it on Saturday then I apologise. For all those fresh eyes, I will go into more detail.

I had stitched this pattern for my husband's birthday, which isn't until Sept, some time ago. I put it into a box so that he wouldn't see it and then forgot all about it until I was looking for some stitching patterns and found it again. I thought I would better make it into a card before it goes missing again.

Just used orange card for my layering and the background paper is from an old issue of "Making Cards" magazine. The fisherman, chair and wording are dies from Robert Addams.

I've put this made card back into the box of stitching patterns (this is a note for me just in case I forget in September LOL !!!)

Have a great day.....Monday again.....groan from all the workers.... and try and do some crafting this week....I know I will. xx


  1. I did see it on Saturday Jan and I still think its a great card, he will love it, xxx

  2. What a lovely stitched panel Jan and the way you have put it all together is super. Now it's just a case of not forgetting where it is in September!! best wishes Jackiex

  3. I did clock this on Saturday Jan, may have even commented lol! Beautiful card, love all the stitching.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx