Thursday, 25 June 2015

Book Folding For 18th Birthday.

Morning all, hope you are all well and happy this fine, Thursday !!!
Today's offering is another book folding creation. More intense this one, with a word, a heart and numbers - certainly went overboard here !!

 It's my niece's 18th Birthday in August - so this is what I have made for her.
 I thought the butterflies off the top was a pretty effect. The butterflies are stuck onto acetate. I'm tempted to add another on top of the wording, but I am holding fire on that at the moment.....I don't want to ruin this after yesterday's blog !! 

I haven't added anything to the front of the book yet either.....don't know whether to leave well alone and keep it plain or to add something....... watch this space if before August I cant resist and add some more to this book.
Have a great day.I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. Thanks x


  1. I would leave well alone Jan it looks very nice as it is.
    Pity you spoilt your original card yesterday it happens to us all but I really like the one you done. I have that magazine and you have inspired me to make a similar card.
    Enjoy the day
    Hazel c uk

  2. What a gorgeous gift you have created Jan but I'm with Hazel. Leave well alone!!! Washings nearly done so I'm going to take myself out today while the weather is nice as rain is forecast again for tomorrow. Best wishes Jackie x

  3. This is so beautiful Jan, letters & numbers wow! I have not done mine yet got too much on over the next couple of weeks but am looking forward to having a go lol! Another Butterfly would look lovely above the 'i' just hold one above and take a photo before fixing that way its not ruined if you don't like it lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. This is terrific. I really want to have a go at this craft

  5. Hi Janice
    Thanks for infecting me with the stitching bug hahaha!
    This is stunning. Do you buy individual patterns or have you a CD with them. I know you can do your own with certain computer programs but it looks complicated.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  6. Ps
    Use blu tac to pop an embellishment in place to see if its what you want so you can remove it if you don't want it.
    Ang x