Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tip of the Day !!!!!

Afternoon all, hope you are all well & happy, despite the terrible things that are happening around the world at the moment.

Just a quick blog today with two pieces of (hopefully) useful information.

1. KarenLotty left a comment regarding the threads that I use on my she has been inspired and downloaded a free pattern (well done you !!)

The threads that I use are machine embroidery threads of any brand, but I like to use "Mettler- poly sheen" or "Guterman - sulky". Hope that helps any of you about to start this lovely hobby.

2. if you need acetate for a project, but have run out or don't have enough, but you have a laminator - run through a laminator sheet without anything inside - will be as stiff as acetate and just as clear.

Enjoy the lovely weather we are having this weekend and don't get too burnt!!



  1. Thank you Janice Will be buying some shortly Will let you know how I get on

  2. Cheers Janice
    I know you mentioned them to me before but heads like a sieve sometimes lol!
    Ang x