Saturday, 11 July 2015

In This Crazy Roller Coaster World.....Everything Stops For Tea And A Natter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Good Morning all, Saturday here again, and I hope, you're all having a lovely weekend so far.

I love it when a card just evolves before my eyes, especially, when I don't have any clear idea what I want to do with a card. This one has happened , "just like that" as Tommy Cooper used to say LOL !!. I started off with my beaded and stitched pattern. I decided to do it all in brown , for a change, then maybe I could do an autumnal topper or papers....hadn't quite decided..... So I stitched the pattern and added the beads.

Looking through my toppers and papers I came across this LOTV topper....perfect browns and a little bit of blue. So now I have 2 colours to choose from for the backing I looked through my drawer of brown papers....nothing suitable, did the same with the draw of blue papers, again, nothing suitable. Then I looked through a draw that I had just labelled multi colours and found several sheets of blue and brown pattern papers- perfect, even the blue was the same shade as the topper...hooray !!!!!

The only trouble was that the papers were only 5 x 5, so weren't large enough. I know, I thought, I would have 2 squares of the 2 papers and alternate them. So I laid them on the card blank and put the topper on top and stepped back to have a look......not sure about that so I decided to cut each square diagonally and mix them up .....perfect!!!.
So that was the background and the topper sorted.....still not right though, it needs something else.......rummage, rummage, yes, no, maybe.......and finally came up with the Tonic dies. First a brown layer, glued directly onto the stitched card. Then I did the larger circle cut out in blue and layered onto brown. I have put a double layer of foam pads onto the larger circle to make it stand more proud of the card, and to draw your eye into the centre.

With all the circles, it seems that the background is busy and whirling around, yet in the centre, sits two little girls oblivious to everything, except each other. Having a relaxing and calming cup of tea and a natter, which made me think of life in general. When you get off the treadmill of working life, there is nothing better than being with friends and relaxing...........

Hope you manage to catch up with those you love and just chillax (as the youngsters say!!)

Phew, I bet you didn't realise that card making was so therapeutic, and that whilst making a card you look at life in a different way LOL !!!!!

Have endeth the lesson of life !!!! x


  1. Perfect way of doing the papers Jan, and I love LOTV. gorgeous card, xxx

  2. So interesting Jan to read the process you went through and folk wonder why it takes so long to put a card together sometimes!! Charming design. Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie x

  3. Lovely card-everything goes together so well on it, just perfect.

  4. Love the colour combination and the way it all goes together perfectly especially those two dear little people.

    Thank you, Hazel c uk