Thursday, 16 July 2015

OWL Pincushion !!!

Morning all, happy Thursday!!!!!

In issue 60 of the "Docrafts Creativity" magazine, there were instructions on how to make this pin cushion owl using the XCut die of the large owl.

 Well, I don't have that die, but I was sure I could come up with something similar.
 Here is my effort !!
I first cut a slice off the bottom of a polystyrene ball and added 2 layers of a circle cut out in card. I then glued the wooden cotton reel to that and then added 2 layers of card again for the base.
I have used a dahlia strip die from Die'sire (which you would normally roll up to make the flower). I cut loads and loads in lilac felt and using the red super sticky tape, stuck it around a polystyrene ball. It took nearly 2 sheets of A4 felt for the feathers, but I wanted a plump owl, so he needed extra layers!!!!
 I drew a rough template for the shape of the head piece and the beak. The eyes are 2 circles of felt, with 2 flower shapes cut out of felt and then 2 "Googly" eyes have been added.  The white mark on the beak is where the glue isn't dry and I couldn't wait so I added some red tape to stick it with. The glue is cosmic shimmer so will disappear once dry.
 Again, I drew a rough wing in paper, then cut out in slightly stiffer felt.
 Underneath view of the owl.

Of course, as he will sit beside my sewing machine in my craft room, he had to be shades of purple !!!!!

It just goes to show that if you see something you like, but you don't have the right stuff to make it .......improvise !!!!. This project didn't cost me anything except, a polystyrene ball and some felt !!!! all of which I had in my stash. Probably cost less than £2.00.
It just takes time.

Have a great day, and see you again soon.


  1. Oh my Jan you are amazing. Such a wonderful project. Congratulations. Best wishes Jackie x

  2. Hi, this is fab Jan, I have some poly balls that John Next Door left for me when he deserted !!!

  3. Your owl is stunning. I wish I lived near you.

    Enjoy the day,

  4. This make is amazing I need to see if I have a die that I can improvise with Yesterday's make was lovely too