Sunday, 12 July 2015

Tub Chair Covers and Cushions....

Good Morning All, hope you are all enjoying the weekend so far.

I've got a cream leather tub chair & sofa that is in my conservatory. I've had it for years, and to be honest is looking a bit of a mess. The leather is cracked and stained through having the sun & the dog on it!!!!

 I don't know if you can see these photos all that well, but it's the cushions all cracked.

 So I bought some material and made covers for the seat pads and also some cushions. The covers are a bit on the loose size, but I thought I would wait until I've had to wash them, just in case they shrink.

I'm pleased with them, as they freshen up the room. Rolo is quite happy to sit on them, which is good, as that's his favourite seat, looking out onto the garden.

As you can see in the photo, I've got some cross stitch on the's been on the go for a couple of years now LOL !!! I've not even done a quarter of it yet. I really must come down from the craft room and sit here and finish it.
Keep checking out my never know you might see it complete one day !!
Have a good day and thanks for stopping by. x


  1. Oh you are clever Jan, they look great, xxx

  2. You certainly did a grand job they look great and very comfortable. Do you craft all day for you seem to get so much done. Enjoy the day. Hazel c uk

  3. Oh you are so industrious makes me tired to see all that you do! Your sofa now looks brand new with the covers and cushions. Best wishes Jackie x

  4. Perfect! My problem is I do a cross stitch and then it sits in my cupboard waiting to be framed I must have about six that need doing It's the one part of doing cross stitch that I get nervous about and keep putting it off