Monday, 31 August 2015

CAS Christmas Card.

Morning all, last day of August today, and also the last bank holiday until Christmas....... which is only 16 WEEKS AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is a Christmas Card ready for the occasion. LOL !!

This is a really quick card. The design is from Craftwork Cards. All I have done is added some candi onto the tree and the 4 corners. I have put onto a cream hammer card blank and added a strip of ribbon with merry Christmas printed on to it. The trees and santa hats are actually brads. I've cut off the backing piece and then stuck them on with foam pads.

I should be taking my son back to Abingdon, Oxfordshire today, so wish me luck on the M25 GROAN !!!!!!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Stag do !!!!!!

Morning All, hope your Bank Holiday Weekend is going nicely so far. I've managed to schedule today and tomorrows blog before my son arrives, so hopefully they will work. I am also going to get him to have a look at my laptop to see if he can solve the problem of uploading a photo.

Anyway on to today. I'm not sure if you can see clearly from the photo, but I have cut the circle in the centre by cutting lines across the circle, and then peeling back the segments (triangles). I first glued the aqua snowflake patterned paper to the back of the card, so that when I peeled the segments back you can see the paper. Then I have added another sheet of backing paper and glued to the back before adding the stag. (Marianne Designs die). I then cut two circles (one inside the other) to give me a fine circular frame which I stuck on top of the segments to give a neater finish. The snowflake corners are a Sue Wilson die, which I have cut in aqua card and then backed onto brown card to match the stag. Two pieces of ribbon across the bottom and a sentiment to co-ordinate. I then used a shaving brush and some brown ink and brushed across the whole card, to soften the white and to pick up the embossed details on the corner die pieces.

Hope to see you again tomorrow. x

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Slice of cake anyone???

Morning all, hope you are ready for the Bank Holiday Weekend. Let's hope we get some nice weather.

Today's blog is something a little different from a normal card. It's a book/photo album/scrapbook that's in the shape of a cake wedge.

This is the lid.
And this is the book inside, as you can see from the photos below, there are pages inserted inside the main cover in sections.
It would be perfect as a wedding favour, along with a throw-a-way camera. Each guest could then make their own photo album and then give back to the happy couple.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Engagement Card.....

Morning All, Friday here again so soon and a bank holiday weekend coming up too ---- Bonus !!!!!

This card I have made for my ex-niece (if you know what I mean - my ex husbands niece) I still keep in contact with her and she is still my sons cousin.

She has just got engaged so I thought I would make her a card.
The top bottle and glasses is a die from Tonic, the hearts from XCut ,  the male and female heads from Marianne Designs and the wording from Robert Addams.

I have added a stamped image of a champagne glass on each side of the word and added 2 candi's on the top corners. Black and white spotted backing paper completes this monochrome card.

My son is due home today for the weekend, so i'll be kept out of the craftroom for a couple of days. I am hoping he will take a look at my laptop and see if he can sort the gremlin out so that I can upload photos.

If you have been following my blog, I mentioned the other day that I am trying to convince my husband to buy me an I-pad and then I will let him have my kindle.....I think the plan is working as he said about going into the apple store in Bluewater (Kent), and having a look. I said trying to keep the joy out of my voice and acting casual...."ok we'll do that when the kids are back at school and it's a bit quieter.....maybe go to lunch as well!!!! "...... he didn't object so I cant wait for next week LOL !!

Have a good bank holiday weekend. I will try and schedule something for the next couple of days if I can, otherwise see you again soon. x

p.s: who's been watching the new craft channel "hochanda"?
I've watched a couple of hours when they first went on air yesterday morning. Apart from the sound and lighting, I think it will be an interesting channel to watch. Not sure about the membership scheme yet, will have to watch to see what else is going to be shown on the channel. What do you think ???? x

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Brother's Birthday Card.....

Morning All, haven't we had foul weather lately? You can tell the kids are about to go back to school, the weathers turned nasty and it's getting dark earlier in the evenings.......oh and also Christmas adverts will soon be on our tv screens LOL !!!!

This card I have made for my little brother, who will be 47 next month. I'm sure he wont mind me telling you his age as he's always going to be younger than me !!

I've had this Marilyn Monroe image for a long fact I don't remember where I got it from !!. For the background paper I have used "Duck Tape"...... yes you read correctly....Duck Tape !!!!. It comes in all sorts of lovely designs now. I have added a strip down each side of the card. It has a nice feel about it too!!. The top and bottom stars and the word "Brother" are all Tonic dies.

Are you all going to be watching the new Craft Channel?  - I hope it lives up to our expectations and gives c&c a run for their money.

Enjoy your day. x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Same Die different occasion!!

Morning all, following on from yesterday, here is the second version of basically the same card, but this is for a birthday.

As you can see this time I have used pink embossed dot card and plain white card. I have used the same flat backed pearls. The layout is the same. The only differences are that I have replaced the snowflakes with flowers, and the happy Christmas with happy birthday.

I like it if I can use a die in more than one way. The die is large enough to go around a candle, as a sleeve.
Can you think of any other uses? leave a comment and let me know and I will see if it works and then show you on the blog.

Have a good day. x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

One Die two occasions!!!!

Morning all.

I recently bought this die from Tonic. It's called "Festive Flurry" and contains 8 dies. I bought it because it's quite fact too large as it's just over 8 inches which meant I had to cut it down a bit at the sides to fit onto my card blank.
Anyway.....Apart from the separate snowflakes, it isn't really Christmassy, so I thought I would make two cards to show this versatility.

Today's card is the Christmas edition.

I've used blue embossed dots card and white plain card for this card. I have also used some Christmas background & wording. The flat backed pearls are in white.

Quite an effective card don't you think?

Stop by tomorrow for a different use of this die. x

Monday, 24 August 2015

Patchwork Christmas Card.....

Morning All....yet another Christmas card this rate I'll be on 2016's card making LOL !!!!!

Following on from yesterday when I used the crealies patchwork dies. This got me thinking (can you guess?) yep, that's right, do a patchwork background.

I choose 2 similar colour patterned papers for this design and cut a total of 16 octagons. I glued them onto the blank card and then cut a 2 x 2 cm square in beige card stock to fit into the gaps in between the octagons. If I had used hexagons they would have fitted together much better (but I didn't have one !!!).

I then cut 2 octagons - one in white and one in green for my centre panel.
The word "merry Christmas" is a die from "Ultimate Crafts" which is a quite new company being shown on C&C. I cut 2 - one in green and one in red and offset them slightly in the centre. Then I decided to draw around the octagon patchwork pieces in a fine black pen. Makes the pattern stand out more.

That's 3 Christmas cards in a row now. I must make some birthday cards, as I've got quite a few birthdays and anniversaries coming up.

Enjoy your day, and the start of a new week. Bank holiday coming up very soon and my son will be down again for the weekend, so I will have to tidy up the craft room ready for his arrival. Trouble is I keep doing more things and making more mess LOL !!

Thanks for stopping by and come again soon. x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Another Christmas Card!!!!

Good Morning all, phew wasn't yesterday hot!!!!.......well it was here in Kent LOL !!!

A Christmas card today (makes a change). This topper was from Craftwork Cards. It was in black and white. I added the black and white animal candi and then using promarkers coloured them & the poinsettia flowers in red and then the holly leaves in green.

I then have used the "Crealies Modern patchwork" die to cut the topper into an octagon, with a layer. Then I used the smaller dies to do the corners. I have added the letters "XMAS" in each of the corners.

I still have to take photos via my kindle. Took my laptop into Curry's to see if they could help.....but no they cant!!!!. They seem to think it's a problem on my blog....but if that was the case surely I wouldn't be able to load photos via the kindle?????

All they suggested is that I make sure that I do any updates regularly - just in case it's a glitch with windows 10.

I am thinking of getting an I-pad, as my husband uses the kindle to read books and listen to music. He wants his own one - so I've suggested he buy me an I-pad and then he can have the kindle (clever me !!!). Will let you know if I succeed in this little scam LOL !!

Enjoy your Sunday and hope if you get the storms, they're not too severe. x

Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Christmas Tree Card

Morning all, hope you are all well and happy, and looking forward to the weekend.

I was watching c&c the other day when Sheena Douglas was on. I only caught a little bit of the show, but she demonstrated a great technique. Using her glass mat and spectrum noir pens she scribbled across the glass mat in different colours, sometimes overlapping the colours. Then using a spritzer and blending solution, she spritzed on top of the colouring. Then she lay a piece of card over the top and rubbed across the back to give her a background paper.

This is my version, using promarkers.

I've done a stitched topper of a Christmas tree, layered onto green and red card. The green wording by Robert Addams dies.
Finally added some gems and glamour dust at the bottom and also dotted around the tree. (you cant see in the photo)

Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday again !!!!

Morning all, hope you've enjoyed your week and looking forward to the weekend. 

I've had a good week spending time in my craft room whilst my husband was away fishing.

I managed to complete a few things that I can't show you yet. Also have started some new things that I will try and finish over the weekend so that I can show you next week.

I've not been looking at my blog list much this week. So I apologise if I haven't commented on your blogs, will try and catch up this weekend.

Have a great weekend. X

Monday, 17 August 2015

Anniversary Card

Afternoon all, a little late with the blog today. Had a few things to do this morning before I was able to come back to the craft room.

This stitched card I have done for my brother and his wife, who's anniversary it will be next month.

I had the swan decoupage with them in mind, but I didn't have a stitched pattern large enough. So this pattern I enlarged using my printer beforehand. It fits perfectly.

I used extra fine glitter around the scalloped edge of the swan decoupage, in an orangey/brown colour. Then I teamed it up with some mirri card in almost the exact colour to add as my layering piece.
The wording is by using Robert Addams dies in the same mirri card.

My husband has gone fishing for a couple of days, went yesterday, so I've got plans to stay in my craft room all day. I'm only popping out for the toilet, to make coffee, and to take the dog for a walk LOL !! So hopefully I will get a few things completed in that time. The housework can wait !!!!!!!

Enjoy your day. x

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Filing Box

Morning all, Saturday and the start of hopefully a good weekend.

Today, I am going to where my craft clubs are held, as there is an open day. A lot of people use the centre , where I go, doing all sorts of things from tea dances, flower arranging, o.a.p. clubs, yoga and painting, to medium nights, extra tuition for children, nursery school and kids clubs. It's a good way of advertising the centre and to maybe get more members for the individual clubs. We have three tables between my two clubs as a lot of ladies belong to both. We do a huge array of crafting at these clubs, and it's great to share hobbies and get other people involved. Quite often someone will bring something new in to try and before you know it we are all having a go.

Back to todays blog. This box file was in one of the "crafters companion- special magazines". Although it had detailed instructions, unfortunately, the beginning dimensions were slightly out, so I had to improvise and do what I thought would work.

It's quite a large sturdy box (6 x 6 x 4 inches). I used centura pearl card to make the box, with cream hammer card for the concertina parts. I then covered the outside with some papers that I had in my stash. For the tabs I have used sticky flag notes folded in half and glued on each side. They fold down flat when the box is shut. I am going to put a Velcro catch on the front tab (when I can find them in my craft room.......they're in there somewhere LOL !!!!!)

I thought I might use it as a storage for my coloured gems - different colour in each segment.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Christmas beaded card

Morning all, hope you are all well, happy and DRY LOL !!!! Didn't we have some rain yesterday ?

My dog insisted on going for a walk, even though, halfway round he realised that he was absolutely soaked. ..... as was I. He was happy when we got back home and I dried him off. His been for his annual health check and has been told by the vet that he is slightly overweight !!!. Of course he denies eating anything but good wholesome dog food, so we'll just have to see if he can work the extra weight off with more walkies.........

A Christmas card for you to see today, stitched and with, of course, beads !!

The topper is LOTV, the beads are alternate green & red. The backing papers are the same pattern but in green & red too.........a bit of a theme going on here I think LOL.

Still taking photos via kindle. Haven't taken laptop in yet, but at least I can type the blog details on here rather than with kindle.

Hope you all have a fab day and a great weekend. Keep the brollie handy. x

Thursday, 13 August 2015

beaded necklace

Good Morning All, hope today finds you well & happy.

A different craft project today. This beaded necklace was achieved by using a kumihimo disk, and alternating the cords (a bit like French knitting). It takes 8 strands of cord. I added the beads to 4 of the cords - one colour per cord. It then feeds through and becomes interwoven with the other cords.

I then did a piece just using the 8 cords for the top section, and added a clasp.

Still using kindle for the photos. I'm going to take my laptop into curry's and see if they can solve the problem.

My braces come off today - so I will probably be grinning like a Cheshire cat at everyone to make sure that they notice LOL !!!

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by. x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Gift Box or Bag

Gift Box or Bag !!!!

Morning all, a bit late with the blog today I'm afraid, starting making this last night and finished off this morning.

I have used the Sue Wilson Die: Festive Collection - snowflake background.

I used two red card blanks, and cut the die out on all 4 sides. Then using a strip of red card, joined the two card blanks together, so that I had an open box.
Using cream hammer card I created a base by making a box bottom and sticking inside of the red open box.
I was going to make a lid in cream as well, but the card seemed a little flimsy to me, and I didn't want to add acetate inside to strengthen, so I decided to fold two sides in so that it made a carton shape rather than a box.

I have decorated using a create and craft die - Candle & bow.

I punched two holes in all four sides of the box, before threading ribbon through.

You could use this for an battery operated candle, or as a gift bag.

Thanks for stopping by. x

Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Beautiful Butterfly.......

Morning all, hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to another weekend. Weather seems to be behaving itself at the moment, with it not being too hot....or rainy......or windy......or cold LOL !!!!

 Today's offering is a crochet butterfly. The pattern was designed by "Zabbez" and you can find her designs on Sorry about the photo. I still cannot upload any photo to my blog, only via kindle. I had rotated and cropped the photo on Kindle, but when I uploaded it to the blog it has reverted to the original one.....I will sort this out eventually. There was a baby caterpillar to complete the design, but I choose to leave that part off. I need to add a small piece of wire in the wings to stiffen them slightly, at the moment they are a little bit floppy. When I was sitting downstairs with my husband crocheting this, his words were "what are you doing now????" as I've always got something on the go whilst watching t.v. I just love crafting x

Would like to enter this in the Fan-Tastic Tuesday challenge 98: anything goes with a twist.....include a butterfly

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Christmas Card

Morning all, hope you are all well and happy. Windows 10 on my laptop is great in some things and rubbish in blog is one of the things that I don't like on windows 10 !!!! I cant change the font, size or colour. I cant add photos.....I select the image, highlight to be downloaded....but then nothing happens....URGHHHHH FRUSTRATING OR WHAT ????????? So I am doing a combination of things to try and get it to appear.

On to todays card. Using a combination of new dies (spellbinders- decorative holly frame & a new company called "ultimate crafts" - silent night collection - merry Christmas) Using red, white and green card, plus a little bit of patterned backing paper. I used a red gel pen to do "faux stitching" around the centre part by drawing a line between the dots....I could have easily actually sewn this, but I was feeling lazy LOL !!!!!

Hope you all enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by. Xx

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Decorative Frame....

 Morning, still blogging via kindle. This frame is really only a open box with a frame over the top and then decorated.

The papers etc were all from "making cards" magazine.

I had the tape measure printed twice on the papers, so I stuck them back to back and twisted it before sticking down.

Have a great day. X

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Christmas Tree.....

Morning all, another day, another blog via kindle. It's ok doing this through kindle but it's awkward taking photos, as you can't reverse the lens - it points towards yourself, so I am trying to hold it facing the project, but then I can't really see if the photo is ok until afterwards... very frustrating..

On to today's blog, this Christmas Tree was knitted using the eyelet knitting lace,the same as the bauble the other day.

Have a good day. X

Monday, 3 August 2015

Crochet Cardigan....

Morning all, hope you are well and happy. Have done this blog via my kindle, as can't go through my laptop at the moment.
This cardigan was crocheted using a pattern from "woman's weekly knitting and crochet special magazine - from October 2011". The wool is "King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK"

Really pleased with the result.

I've had to take the photo using my kindle too, so please bear with the quality.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. X

Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Bauble or Pomander.....

Morning All, hope you are all well and happy.

This quick blog shows a knitted bauble. Using DK wool and eyelet lace that are knitted together to create a bauble.

If you filled it with lavender it would be a pomander.

Have a great day. x

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Not a Bubble in Sight LOL !!!!

 Well Good Morning to you all. 1st August today, over half way through the year...hasn't it just flown by.

I hope you enjoyed my week of bubble for something different.  I bought this stamp and the 2 dies at "Crafts u love" when they had a demo day.
They are all by Spellbinders. The stamp is "Flower Play". I didn't buy the die, as they had sold out, but really I didn't need it as the flowers were easy to cut out.

I have used black embossing powder on the stamped image and then used my heat gun to fix the image.

 The zig-zag die is called "chevron border", and was a bit of a so and so to get out of the die, despite using a tumble dryer sheet and wax paper. Hopefully, it will get easier with use. I cut it out of peach card and then stuck it onto black card, which I then cut around.
The Happy Birthday is from "Sentiments 3".

Enjoy your weekend. x