Friday, 28 August 2015

Engagement Card.....

Morning All, Friday here again so soon and a bank holiday weekend coming up too ---- Bonus !!!!!

This card I have made for my ex-niece (if you know what I mean - my ex husbands niece) I still keep in contact with her and she is still my sons cousin.

She has just got engaged so I thought I would make her a card.
The top bottle and glasses is a die from Tonic, the hearts from XCut ,  the male and female heads from Marianne Designs and the wording from Robert Addams.

I have added a stamped image of a champagne glass on each side of the word and added 2 candi's on the top corners. Black and white spotted backing paper completes this monochrome card.

My son is due home today for the weekend, so i'll be kept out of the craftroom for a couple of days. I am hoping he will take a look at my laptop and see if he can sort the gremlin out so that I can upload photos.

If you have been following my blog, I mentioned the other day that I am trying to convince my husband to buy me an I-pad and then I will let him have my kindle.....I think the plan is working as he said about going into the apple store in Bluewater (Kent), and having a look. I said trying to keep the joy out of my voice and acting casual...."ok we'll do that when the kids are back at school and it's a bit quieter.....maybe go to lunch as well!!!! "...... he didn't object so I cant wait for next week LOL !!

Have a good bank holiday weekend. I will try and schedule something for the next couple of days if I can, otherwise see you again soon. x

p.s: who's been watching the new craft channel "hochanda"?
I've watched a couple of hours when they first went on air yesterday morning. Apart from the sound and lighting, I think it will be an interesting channel to watch. Not sure about the membership scheme yet, will have to watch to see what else is going to be shown on the channel. What do you think ???? x


  1. Hello Jan

    Such a different card from you but very nice. Yes I did watch quite a bit of the show, personally I thought the membership was expensive. Watched Robert
    Addams nice dies and ideas, I know the presenters have to keep interrupting but felt it un-nerved him a bit, still it was his first time. I do like his dies and have a few.
    Enjoy the time with your son and I love my iPad.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Your card is gorgeous Jan, fab design.
    New channel - I only saw the opening hour, taped JOhns show so still to watch. xxx

  3. Good morning Jan a lovely card to celebrate the occasion. I watched the beginning and my there were problems. By the evening when I watched John Lockwood the sound had been sorted though it still seemed a bit echo-ey and the picture wasn't so blurred. I think it helped having Lee as presenter as he has done it before. Perhaps today they will have learned to do close up pictures! Like you I'm not sure about the membership. You' d have to buy quite a few items every month to benefit and not many folks budget will run to that. Anyway must get going as I'm on my way to mums - A12/M25 ugh. Have a good weekend with the family. Best wishes Jackie x

  4. Hi Jan,

    Fabulous card. Have watched a couple of shows but like you say the sound and quality needs sorting and I am not sure about the membership either seems a lot almost £7 every month with no discounts unless their freedom sign is on something, which more than likely wont be on what you want lol! If you bought a couple of things it would only save you £3 so might wait a while. After all it would be £84 a year compared to C&C at £20 then you get £10 back lol! Most items you can usually get from their own web sites anyway.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx