Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Nice and Peaceful......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy for the last day of September. I've got a cold.... started off with a sore throat at the weekend and has now developed into a cold. I hope to recover by Friday, as I'm going to Excel for the "cake and bake" show. 

The colouring on this card is actually a softer creamier colour in real life, i think the camera has let too much light into it as it took the photo.

A multi coloured thread with a simple pattern creates the frame for the sentiment, which is by Spellbinders. The topper is from LOTV "Landscape collection" pad, which I have curved the corners on before layering with a pale pinky/mauve mirri card.

Enjoy your day, and i will see you again next month LOL !!!! x

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Second Commissioned Card.....

Morning all, here is the second commissioned card that i have made. Following on from yesterday, the details I was given that it's for a man who's 50 and likes snooker and beer!!!!!  Not much i could do with this......

 I found a 5 x 5 piece of backing paper in grey with beer glasses on in my stash, so there was the beginnings of a card. I also found a silver embossed mirri card that would look good behind the paper.I looked online at google images and found a snooker table and a photo of the red balls in the triangle thingy before play starts. So i printed them off and added them to the backing paper. That then gave me my second and third colours red & green. So good I have the three colours needed so now i can build it up more. 
I had a zig-zag die from Spellbinders, which i cut out in grey card and then backed it onto green paper. "Happy Birthday" & "Alan" i cut out in red card.

 I had bought a beer glass and bottle die from Robert Addams, which i also cut out in grey card. Then i cut another bottle from red card and put the "label" onto the grey cut out piece. I used a black and silver gel pen to go over the embossed parts so that they were a little more clearer.

The "50th" again is a Robert Addams die, cut out of the silver mirri card. I stuck it to a green triangle and then added red "balls" around - using a hole punch waste. 

It's not easy making cards as a commission, with so little to go on. Hopefully all those concerned will like them. 

Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing. Thanks for stopping by and please come again soon. It's nice to know that people actually look at my blog and hopefully like what they see. x

Monday, 28 September 2015

A Wedding Card.....

Morning all, I have been absent for a few days, as I was asked to make a couple of cards. It took longer than anticipated.

The first is a wedding card.....the instructions were to do in gold and sage green!!!  Not a lot to go on, but I am pleased with the results......

 You cant really see the colours too well, but i have done the delicate asters in green, gold & cream, then added a pearl flower in the centre.

 This is a Heartfelt die:- Oval, and Marianne Designs:- couple. The photo below shows the colours better. I layered the oval onto another plain gold oval, and added small pearls in the centre of the crossover parts.

The Lid decorated too. I used a crafters companion embossing folder and once embossed, using green card, have cut the shaped corner out and glued to the lid of the box. More delicate asters and their name completes it.

I hope they, and the lady who commissioned this, likes it....

Stop by tomorrow to see the second card that i had to make for her.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Book Folded Christmas Tree.....

 Morning all, hope you are all well and happy.

Well, I managed to do the Christmas tree, following from yesterday with the book folded angel. I made both of these from one paperback book. I made a box for the tree to stand on and wrapped ribbon around so that it looks like a present.
 The angel on top of the tree is a die by Robert Addams. I cut it out 4 times and folded each piece in half, then glued them all together to make a 3d angel.
 My "decorations" around the tree were a bit fiddly. I wanted to do something like "swags" but didn't really want to use ribbon. I looked through my dies, but didn't have anything suitable. Then i looked through my punches. This one from Martha Stewart is to make a circle. I did an 8 x 8 piece of gold mirri card and using the punch created the bottom layer (once i had cut the centre circle off). Then i did a 6 x 6  for the middle layer and finally a 4 x 4 for the top layer. I had to use a glue gun to make sure that they all stuck firmly and instantly. (which is why top layer a little out of line). I then added red gems all around. The very top i have added a row of red gems and then a row of ric-rac ribbon in gold. 

Really pleased how the tree and angel have turned out........Can you think of anything else using the same shape????? Let me know. x

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

She's an Angel !!.......

 Good Morning All, "long time no see" lol.... I would like to say that I've been really busy, but I haven't, but the time has flown by and I've not finished anything that i can show you yet !!

I had my son home for the weekend, so i wasn't able to go into the craft room until Monday. 

I had started the book folding for this angel over the weekend- whilst watching t.v. 
I was shown how to make this from a friend in my craft here's my attempt.

I used a paperback book for this, and first removed the outer cover and some of the spine's glue, to loosen the spine up a bit.
Three folds per page to create a full cone shape. This i then stuck onto a round piece of card. The head is a polystyrene ball. The hair is florist ribbon, cut into strips and then curled.
 The halo is two circular dies to make a frame, on mirri card. Pearl on a string around the neck.
 Florist ribbon in strips and curled around the dress.
 Lace around the bottom, with a orange gem on every other flower centre.
 A triple bow at the back for wings.

I'm thinking of doing another book fold but this time turn it into a Christmas Tree...... drop by again soon to see if i succeeded!!! x

Friday, 18 September 2015

Gift Box Houses.....

 Morning All, here we are again, it's Friday, another week nearly over and that much closer to Christmas LOL !!!!

With that thought in are two little gift box houses that i have made, but not filled or decorated.

The template and idea came from "The Papercraft Collection" magazine that i got free with another magazine.......lots of inspirational ideas in the magazine, some that i have done already.

These gift box houses were designed for tea-bags (herbal/fruit etc), but i think i might put after eight mints in mine....or maybe some scented bags to use wardrobe/drawers etc. 
You can see from the photo above the space inside the box. Once filled, then i can stick the roof down.

I was thinking of maybe making smaller ones - without the opening, for Christmas tree decorations....or even Christmas table gifts- instead of a cracker. You could easily put a small gift inside and personalise each house to suit the person that it's for......lots of ideas to be going on watch this space.

On to other things. My son is coming home for the weekend, as he, his brother and father, are participating in a "Spartan Run"on Saturday, which is a cross country race. Just hope it's not raining otherwise i can forsee a lot of muddy men!!!!

Whatever you are doing, hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by and "keep crafting" a la strictly......x

Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Wonderful Christmas Scene.....

 Morning All, Hope you are all well & happy and making Christmas cards at the double LOL !!!

Here's a quick Christmas card with a stitched edge, and a village scene.
 I used a variegated thread of reds/purples, so matched my layering pieces of card using the same colours.

Onto other things, and if you had visited my blog yesterday, you would be aware that i was in the process of making a dress.....which was not going well.

Update on this......first of all the measurements on the pattern - i was in between a small & medium, so i decided to make the medium, as i thought i could take in a little if too big. Then the sleeve parts came in two pieces with a seam at the top....this was ok until i tried to insert into the bodice part.... they didn't match...the fronts of the sleeves were taller than the bodice and the back part of the sleeves were shorter than the back of the bodice?????? After a lot of scratching of heads and studying the pattern pieces again....i realised that i had sewn then onto the wrong sides DOH !!!!!. So i unpicked them and then sewed them on the right way PHEW!!. I put the darts in the bodice and the skirt parts, joined them across the waist.....looking good......did the neck lining piece.....yes ok......then added the zip. Zips and I always have trouble and i think i put it in twice and took it out again because it wasn't laying right. Heard a good tip from Debbie Shore on C&C the other day. She joins the back pieces (where the zip should go) with an extra long stitch, this holds the back together nicely before swing the zip in. Once sewn in she then uses a seam ripper and opens up the seam to expose the zip nicely sitting behind. Well, I thought i would give this ago. Well apart from the awkwardness of trying to do this it went ok, until i ripped the seam to reveal the zip and cut through the fabric....DOUBLE DOH !!!!
So i unpicked it all again and went back to the old fashioned way of pinning, tacking and then sewing. Finally pleased with the result i carried on to completion..just prior to turning up hem by hand. 

Time to try on my dress......did it fit.....NO IT DID NOT!!!!! Did i look sophisticated and stylish in it? NO I DID NOT - I LOOKED MORE LIKE AN INMATE FROM "PRISONER CELL BLOCK H" LOL !!!!!

So the said garment is now in the charity bag and I have told my husband that next time i say i fancy making myself something to quickly give me some money and send me to the shops!!!!!  It will be a lot quicker and cheaper!!!!!

Have a good day....x

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Christmas Candle Card....

Morning all, sorry for the delay in blogging, I've been doing some dress-making - which hasn't been going well. I've unpicked it several times, and am getting close to throwing the whole thing away!!!!! 

So I thought i would show this stitched Christmas Candle card, at least i can this type of sewing LOL !!

I've used spellbinders "grand labels 7". This was a die that I bought years ago, and each time I've used it, i always think what a nice, simple, useful die it is. With all these die making companies out there and with all the intricate, complicated dies it's nice to have a back to basics die to use.

Enjoy your day, I'm going to attempt to sew this dress one more time today - if it doesn't work it will be definitely be going in the bin........pop by again to see if i am happy or sad x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Morning all, just a short note to say that I haven't done anything this weekend to show you as yet. I've been finishing off some gifts for friends birthdays, so will show you later.

Also, have done some dressmaking, which I haven't done for a while, so taking  bit longer to get through.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. X

Friday, 11 September 2015

Flower Garland.....

 Morning all, happy Friday to you all. Hope you are all well & happy & looking forward to the weekend. What a lovely warm day yesterday was. 

This flower garland, has been achieved by using the Spellbinders stamps & die "Flower Play". Using the stamp, i have used embossing ink and stamped onto white and orange vellum. Then I have used  white, black & silver embossing powders and heated using a heat gun. Then i have used the die of the same name to cut them out.
 To make the wreath i have used 2 circle dies and created a frame (hoop). This i have covered in white ribbon, by winding around the hoop until completely covered and including a loop to hang it up with.
Then i have placed the flowers around the hoop until i was happy with the arrangement and then i have stuck them down using cosmic shimmer glue. In the centre of each flower i have added either a black or a black/sparkly gem. The only other embellishments are the silver with a black edging ribbon, which i have tied around the hoop in various places.

Have a great weekend. x

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Watch the Birdie !!!!

 Morning all, happy Thursday !!!

Today's offering is another quilled project, this time a bird. I think it's come out slightly better than Santa (scroll down to Tuesday to see), but I don't think I'll be doing any more. I don't have sausage fingers, but i did struggle to do the small pieces. 
 I put the wings and tail on before i had done the feet (as per instructions) but then didn't realise that he can't stand on the ground as his tail gets in the way LOL !!. I think i will find a small embroidery hoop and stick him inside that.
Back to doing normal card making from now on.

Just a note about yesterday. I took my husband and my dog to Herne Bay in Kent, for some fish & chips. It was a lovely day, but a bit windy as you see from the photos, so we ate the fish & chips in the car on the sea front.

Rolo, likes to get in every photo if possible LOL !!

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by. x

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Husband's Birthday Card.

 Well this is my card that I have made for my husband's birthday. I don't know if I've mentioned before, but he is a keen fisherman. Luckily for me that he is, because whilst he's off fishing, I can be in my craft room crafting LOL !!!! So we have the perfect marriage. 
I have done a combination of stitching and die cutting for this card. The wording, fisherman, chair, rod, hook & fish are dies by Robert Addams. The backing paper is from "Making Cards" magazine. I have just layered using orange cardstock.
I took him to Lakeside shopping Retail Park on Monday to the sports and camping shops to buy his birthday presents. (he wanted fishing bits and some new walking boots so he had to be there).
If the weather is nice today we are going to the coast for the day, with the dog. Hopefully we can eat fish & chips on the beach, but if it's too cold we'll eat them in the car!!. Have made him a birthday cake, for when we get home.
Enjoy your day too xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Quilling Santa.....

Morning all, Tuesday today, and I thought I would share something a little different with you today.

Quilling: have you ever done any? I have had a go in the past, but just doing flat spirals, which is a bit boring. Well, like I said the other day, I bought a magazine called "The papercraft collection", it has a load of things to inspire you and there is a whole section on quilling figures. They have done some fantastic models, which include birds, clowns, reindeer, even the bride and groom. 

This is my first attempt, it is easy to do the quilling, but not so easy to try and get into the right shape. This figure is nearly 3 inches tall, and as you can see from the photo, i've got glue stuck all over the figure. He's not very proportionate, but you get the gist of what i was trying to do. I think this is something you need to practice on, to get the hang of shaping.

Just a bit of fun and at the end of the day, just some paper rolled up LOL !!!

Hope he gives you a smile.....even if it's at my expense !!!

Tune in again you never know what I'm going to do next !!!! x

Monday, 7 September 2015

I've Gone Batty !!!!!!!! (no comments)

Morning all, how are you today? I hope you are well and relaxed after the weekend.

This cute bat card was made using a template from Cathie Shuttleworth. It was featured in "The papercraft collection", which has 150 projects included, loads of which I want to try out.

Ideal if you are having a Halloween party.

I've just used a silver and purple gel pens to do the face and markings. Very simple to make.

Enjoy your day. x

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Accordion Fold Christmas Card...

 Good Sunday Morning to you, hope the weekend is going along swimmingly !!

Hasn't the weather turned cold?, Friday evening i had a blanket wrapped around me whilst i watched the t.v, my legs were so cold......time to wear tights again i fear.

Onto today's card, and this has been created using three of my newly acquired dies. The penguin bauble and reindeer bauble (which are from Joanna Sheen) and the merry Christmas wording (which is from "Lawn Form" - never heard of them before!!). I have used an accordion fold die (from Crafters Companion - not mine).  
 I've used backing paper in each of the circle parts in the centre of each panel. Then using the same paper covered the outer part of the first and last panel.I kept the middle panel clear to add a contrast. I have used a Tonic die for the fancy edge in the centre (which is a leave in the card die- so worked well)
 This crafters companion accordion die can be used to create as many panels as you like because it is cut out singularly and then joined together at the sides.
Enjoy the rest of your day, thanks for stopping by, and keep on crafting !!!!! x

Saturday, 5 September 2015

"Goodness Gracious, Greats Balls of ............. Wool!!"

Morning all, hope you are all happy, healthy & wise !!

I just thought i would share with you what i had delivered yesterday.
I bought 20 balls of 100gms DK wool from Deramores Via Create & Craft for the amazing price of £32.23 with NO P&P!!!. This works out at about £1.60 per ball which is cheap. Not sure exactly what I'm going to knit with all this, but rest assured, I will think of something LOL !!

When I got back Thursday from Sandown, there was a parcel waiting for me from "Everycraftsapound", so all in all, I've had a lovely week full of crafting goodies.

Keep popping by to see what I've made, and feel free to add a comment. x

Friday, 4 September 2015

Rockin' Robin......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy this Friday (and all other days as well LOL !!).

Yesterday, I went to Sandown Craft show......a very enjoyable day. There seemed to be less stalls than in previous times, although that didn't deter me in the spending department!!!! I managed to get my portable paper trimmer. I bought a Tonic "Super Trimmer 12inch" which has a cutting and a scoring blade. Was a show special price of £18, instead of £23, so i was very pleased.

Now you may be wondering what else I "had to buy".....well needless to say i spent £80 yesterday on an assortment of goodies......a few dies...... some beading accessories.......  some papers ......... and 2 of hunkydory topper pads - one the little book of festive poetry and the other cute christmas (another bargain of two for £15 instead of £20). I will probably be making cards with these soon so watch this blog!!!!!!

Onto today's blog.....
I've made this card using the free die and stamp from this months "papercraft essentials" magazine. I cut the die in black card then stamped the robin onto white card and stuck the black cut out onto the white card. Then i did a row of the Robins on white card and coloured in the hat and breast with a red promarker. I used a quickie glue pen and glittered the bobble on all the robin's hats.

The holly image is from Craftwork Cards. This was a black and white image and i have used promarkers to colour this in. I decided to add blue into the design in the centre, rather than keeping it white. Also i decided not to colour the holly leaves in green, but instead coloured the outside of the design in green, leaving the holly leaves white. Where there are circles to add candi, I have used a black promarker and coloured in and then using pinflair craft glaze, have gone over the black to give a shine. 
 I added a blue line around the main topper and the row of robins to tie in the colour combination. The black holly leaves in the corners are also part of the free dies with the magazine.
I think using the blue has made the card stand out more.....what do you think?
Hopefully over the next couple of days i will be able to play with all my new toys. What are you doing this weekend?????
Whatever it is have a good time. x

Thursday, 3 September 2015

MAWTT September Challenge....

Morning all, hope you are all well and happy.
Today's blog is my first as a DT member for "Moving along with the times".
The theme for this month is "feature an animal, the cuter the better" ---- of course it has to be my Rolo. This photo of him was taken at Christmas, when he was wearing his new coat that i had made for him. I then have used Docrafts digital designer software to add the bow and the Christmas embellishments. 

Pop along to the blog to see the teams designs. MAWTT

Today i am going to Sandown Racecourse for "The Creative Crafts Show". I like to go to this venue twice a year,as it's easy to get there (takes about an hour), loads of parking spaces and it's not too big so that you don't have time to see everything. Normally i go with 2 friends from my craft club, but this time more friends wanted to go, so today we are going in two cars!!!. 

Will let you know what i managed to buy......i can honestly say that I'm really on going to buy an A4 paper trimmer.......but who knows what I'll come back with and more importantly how much I will spend LOL !!!!! x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's not Halloween yet, but I was just playing around, and fancied making a Halloween Card. I don't normally make these sort of cards as i don't celebrate Halloween, in fact we normally keep all the lights off at the front of the house when it's Halloween night, so that we aren't disturbed by trick or treaters !!!!

Anyway, I cut the black card blank into a shape of a coffin, added an orange piece of card, cut the same shape. I had a bat stamp, which i've stamped all over the orange card. The green window is a Tonic die, and the iron railing fence is from Spellbinders. The ghost i have drawn free hand in white card.

Enjoy your day. x