Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Wonderful Christmas Scene.....

 Morning All, Hope you are all well & happy and making Christmas cards at the double LOL !!!

Here's a quick Christmas card with a stitched edge, and a village scene.
 I used a variegated thread of reds/purples, so matched my layering pieces of card using the same colours.

Onto other things, and if you had visited my blog yesterday, you would be aware that i was in the process of making a dress.....which was not going well.

Update on this......first of all the measurements on the pattern - i was in between a small & medium, so i decided to make the medium, as i thought i could take in a little if too big. Then the sleeve parts came in two pieces with a seam at the top....this was ok until i tried to insert into the bodice part.... they didn't match...the fronts of the sleeves were taller than the bodice and the back part of the sleeves were shorter than the back of the bodice?????? After a lot of scratching of heads and studying the pattern pieces again....i realised that i had sewn then onto the wrong sides DOH !!!!!. So i unpicked them and then sewed them on the right way PHEW!!. I put the darts in the bodice and the skirt parts, joined them across the waist.....looking good......did the neck lining piece.....yes ok......then added the zip. Zips and I always have trouble and i think i put it in twice and took it out again because it wasn't laying right. Heard a good tip from Debbie Shore on C&C the other day. She joins the back pieces (where the zip should go) with an extra long stitch, this holds the back together nicely before swing the zip in. Once sewn in she then uses a seam ripper and opens up the seam to expose the zip nicely sitting behind. Well, I thought i would give this ago. Well apart from the awkwardness of trying to do this it went ok, until i ripped the seam to reveal the zip and cut through the fabric....DOUBLE DOH !!!!
So i unpicked it all again and went back to the old fashioned way of pinning, tacking and then sewing. Finally pleased with the result i carried on to completion..just prior to turning up hem by hand. 

Time to try on my dress......did it fit.....NO IT DID NOT!!!!! Did i look sophisticated and stylish in it? NO I DID NOT - I LOOKED MORE LIKE AN INMATE FROM "PRISONER CELL BLOCK H" LOL !!!!!

So the said garment is now in the charity bag and I have told my husband that next time i say i fancy making myself something to quickly give me some money and send me to the shops!!!!!  It will be a lot quicker and cheaper!!!!!

Have a good day....x


  1. LOL You had me laughing re the dress...isn't it disheartening when you spend a lot of time and it doesn't turn out nice....maybe you were too hard on yourself?
    Love your card and the verse, at least I can see this turned out gorgeous.xx
     {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear about the dilemmas with the dress making but it made me smile too I recently finished a dress that seemed to take me forever to do - fortunately I made a a test garment out if an old sheet 1st one too small Took me three attempts to put in zip I had to persevere because the fabric cost a small fortune I'd had all these ideas of stuff to make through the summer At one point I was going to throw my new sewing machine through the window Try again Jan because once I'd achieved it I was really pleased with the result and even had a couple of compliments!

  3. Lovely card Jan very pretty stitching. Like the die you used on the card.

    Sorry about the dress not working out but I am sure if you attempt it again it will work out fine, you have do much talent.

    Hazel c uk