Saturday, 5 September 2015

"Goodness Gracious, Greats Balls of ............. Wool!!"

Morning all, hope you are all happy, healthy & wise !!

I just thought i would share with you what i had delivered yesterday.
I bought 20 balls of 100gms DK wool from Deramores Via Create & Craft for the amazing price of £32.23 with NO P&P!!!. This works out at about £1.60 per ball which is cheap. Not sure exactly what I'm going to knit with all this, but rest assured, I will think of something LOL !!

When I got back Thursday from Sandown, there was a parcel waiting for me from "Everycraftsapound", so all in all, I've had a lovely week full of crafting goodies.

Keep popping by to see what I've made, and feel free to add a comment. x


  1. Janice, you are going to be busy, what a great price. I think I might just get my knitting needles out from where that have been for years and do some. I was always knitting years ago then gave it up. But it would be a good thing maybe to have to do in the winter. Look forward to seeing what you make. Hazel,x

  2. I can see a lovely lap blanket or two with that selection of colours, either that or a rainbow cardigan. I assume you just had a random selection sent you rather than ordering that range. I'll look forward to seeing what you decide. AND a parcel from ECAP. I've been resisting all the recent emails. I really must see what I have for raffle prizes for next year as I need about 120 every year for club and then decide if I need to have a spend!! Have a good weekend Jackie xx

  3. I know you will find something to use this lovely bundle, xxx

  4. Whoa! What an assortment I love seeing goodies that people receive I missed this on C&C! I'm so jealous