Friday, 9 October 2015

A Not So Sure Card......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy on this (hopefully) sunny Friday. I have scheduled this post, as i am going to ally pally today for the "Knitting & Stitching" show.

I wasn't going to show this card to you, as i'm not sure that A) i like it & B) it's finished....but as i haven't finished my cushion off it's all I've got LOL!!!

If,  like me, you regularly buy craft magazines or have a subscription to one, sometimes the "free gifts" are not quite "your cup of tea". This has happened to me quite often (especially when it's free papers), i normally just put them in the cupboard to rot away or until i am so fed up of moving them to get to the papers that i really like that i throw them away.

So i decided that from now on i will use these freebies to experiment with my dies.

So this is the result of playing.....

I have the Crealies patchwork die for the octagon shape. In the die set you get the outside shape (octagon) then loads of layering, different shapes that will fill up the octagon shape like a patchwork. I decided to use just two of these shapes, and cut them out using the freebie papers. I cut 2 of each design, so that it will fit completely, then added 8 smaller shapes to fit inside this. Then i cut an octagon frame out and layered over the centre octagon. 

 I have added the wording and the reindeer and embossed a piece of cream cardstock with a reindeer embossing folder (crafters companion). I used my smoothie and blending ink to rub over the embossed card to highlight the reindeers.
Card complete......but i don't know what exactly i don't like about it, but i think it's lacking something.......any ideas???
Or maybe it's just because i didn't like the papers in the first place. LOL !!

Have a good day and weekend. x


  1. Hi Janice
    I think its probably because the papers are not your own choice, so to speak but it looks great to me and not lacking anything.
    Hope you're enjoying the show.
    Ang x

  2. I hope you enjoyed Ally Pally A friend often went and thoroughly enjoyed it I like your card Perhaps as Mrs Duck has said it's probably that you weren't keen on the papers in the first place If anything I might have left the small topper of the tree off and just let the patterns created by the dies, papers and sentiment so the work But I have to say I like it as it is

  3. Hi Jan,

    Don't no if you will read this before you go to Ally Pally but hope you have a lovely time, if time permits please visit the MFWI stand RCF 2 and you will see some lovely unusual work. I was there yesterday.

    About the card I am like the title not sure maybe with different papers but there again it is different.

    Have fun.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Hi Jan,

    Hope you are enjoying Ally Pally, or by the time you read this have enjoyed it lol!

    Great card, like you these free papers we get are not always to our liking and I think this is why you are not sure of the card as you do not like the papers lol! Its a great design so don't be so hard on yourself. At least you have something to post lol! Cannot believe another week has gone by and I still have not posted anything, I have lots of Sheenas cards but cannot post them before the shows lol!

    Happy crafting

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Your creation is just stunning,. Love that sweet image and your creative goodies as
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