Friday, 30 October 2015

Book Folding for Paula.....

 Morning all, Friday here again, and the last week of October. Only 8 weeks until Christmas Day......hope you've made a start on your Christmas cards!!!!!!

I decided to make another book folding project as a Christmas present. This one is for "Paula", who is my eldest son's girlfriend.

She doesn't like anyone to spend money on her, almost feels embarrassed to accept gifts. So I thought by making her something, she will feel less awkward. Believe it or not, this brand new book only cost me £1.00 in "poundland" shop. So apart from my time and a little bit of paper involved in the decorating....a very cheap present. !!

 A view from above. You can see that i have used my favourite die "delicate asters" for the flowers. I have added little yellow dazzlers in the centre of each flowers, as well as across the panel at the bottom (which holds the book together). This is a Sue Wilson die - cant remember which one though.
 I had some cream embossed card, that was given to me by a friend, so using gold paste, i spread the paste across the embossed card so that the de-bossed parts were covered and once dry, i have used for the inside covers and the spine of the book. The book itself was already had a lovely gold cover, so i decided not to cover the outside.
I used the same gold paste on the letters. I painted it on with a brush, to be a little neater.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you might be doing..... x


  1. Very nice Jan the colours are gorgeous. Has you say a very reasonable present. I brought some very nice white card in Poundland the other day 30 sheets for £1 quite good quality and have you seen there bags of sentiments they have, I always look in there when I am out.
    Enjoy the weekend, I am of to the New Forest with friends for a guiding activities break hope to cone back with a few drafty ideas.
    Hazel c uk

  2. What a super present Jan, amazing what you can pick up in pound shops nowadays, Just wish I had one a bit nearer. I'm sure she will love it. I'm off with friends for a crafty weekend. 8 of us hired a big house in the middle of nowhere about an hour away so not too far to drive. We have about 10 projects but apart from guessing there will be sewing, beading and home décor from the list of things to bring have no idea what we will be doing, probably not card making though. I have yet to start on Christmas cards as I have been making items for the craft fayre which is part of our tree festival in the church. I've still got a couple of weeks....... Have a good weekend, best wishes Jackie x

    1. Enjoy your weekend Jackie and hope the sunshine I am enjoying will last.
      Hazel c uk

  3. Looks great Jan, I,m sure she will love it, xxx

  4. Something else I need to have another go at! Looks great and such a beautiful personal gift She'll love it

  5. Hi Jan
    Sorry I've been missing.
    You've been very busy as usual with some terrific cards (love the butterfly one in particular) yummy looking cakes and your book presents are beautiful.
    I'm guessing you have delish roasty beef tomorrow.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x