Friday, 20 November 2015

A Disappointing Day......

Morning all, hope you are all well, happy and warm!!!! Please wrap up warm if you're out and about today. Brrrrrrrr LOL!!

Yesterday, i went to Excel for the craft show......well I was quite disappointed. The above photo is ALL that I bought !!. I don't believe I've ever spent so little at a craft show. I was in two minds whether to buy the mobile arms from Pinflair, as I've seen them many times before and always talked myself out of buying them, but this time, because i had spent so little i decided to take the plunge.

At Excel, there were fewer stall holders than in past years. The aisle's were spacious, and there was a larger tea/sitting down area at the back. 

I think it's a sign of the times, as the last few craft shows that I've been to have seen a similar decline. I don't know whether more people are buying on line, or via TV channels, or whether the venues themselves are charging too much to the exhibitors. Either way it's not good news for us crafters. If you're like me, and like to see things in the flesh, so to speak, and also look at new things, it will come a time when these shows will be cancelled. There was nothing new at Excel. I know I didn't have to pay for the tickets, as I received two complimentary tickets in the post, but I would rather pay for my ticket, knowing that I was going to a good show.

I hope I haven't put any of you off from going, if you are going tomorrow. It's just my opinion.

I think we should get a petition up to send to all these venues and tell them that if they charge the exhibitors less, more will attend, which in turn will make more of us attend......what do you think??

I hope, what ever you are doing this weekend, you have a good time. It's going to be a cold one, so wrap up warm if you're going out.....or better still, stay indoors and craft. x


  1. Hi Jan,

    Sorry you were disappointed with the show, my daughter went yesterday I will have to see what she said about it. But I agree the ticket prices now are very expensive and I know several stall holders at Ally Pally said they were not doing it again for it is to expensive.

    I like what you brought, I beaded up those star shapes last year for my daughters guide fair and they sold very well at £1.50 each and they are quick to do. Never seen the mobile arms before but look forward to seeing what you do with them also how you decorate the stars.
    Enjoy the weekend.

    Hazel c uk

  2. Such a shame for you Jan,
    I went to one at Bromborough in NW last year with my sister, just the opposite, far too packed, couldn't see demos, no fun at all, everywhere was like a rugby scrum. xxx

  3. Hi Jan,

    Been to the Windsir craft show today, some nice ideas but at bit pricey. My daughter agreed there was not a lot at the show yesterday but she enjoyed meeting up with some friends there.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Hazel c uk

  4. Never mind, just think of the money you saved for the next time.xx { aNNie}

  5. Good morning Jan such a shame you had a disappointing day. I have been to only local shows this year as it seemed fewer exhibitors were at the big shows but like you it's nice to see before you buy. It's pouring here and I'm hoping it's rain before 7 fine before 11 as I'm doing a Christmas fayre 10-3 today. Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie x