Sunday, 29 November 2015

Gift Box for the Beaded Pen......

 Morning all, happy Sunday.....

Today's blog has left me with a dilemma...... hope you're concentrating !!!

A while back I made two beaded pens (have shown on the blog before). When i made them, it was for a Christmas present for my mum and my best friend. But you know what it's like, since then I've bought other things for them both. 

Anyway, I decided to make a box for the pen. I had seen Sara from "Crafters Companion" making a tea-light box/card. So i decided to do something on a similar line, but rather than just a card and a box at the side. I thought i would add a note book and a calendar.  I used "Crafters Companion" double sided A3 card to make the box/card and note book cover. I haven't decided whether to add a ribbon around the outside for tying together, or whether to add a velcro dot for the closure.

I will add some tissue paper for the pen to sit in, and will decorate the front, once i've decided on the closure issue.

I could save them for their birthdays instead, which luckily for me are both in January.

You help me decide.....Christmas or Birthday??????

Leave me a comment. x


  1. Good morning Jan, I love the pen etc and I would give them has extra Christmas presents.
    BTW I sold my snowflakes for £1.50 last night with no hassle, it was a lovely evening with our community choir and ukulele band taking centre show. Lots of people turned up but most just wanted to enjoy the buffet and chat.and of course listen to the music.
    Enjoy the day from a wet Heathrow. Hazel

  2. Janice, like Hazel I would give them as extra gifts. They are a great idea, and been a lot of work too, they need to go to people who will appreciate the work.
    Hazel did well by the sounds of things.

  3. This is fab Jan, a brilliant gift, xxx

  4. Wow Jan this is fabulous. Seeing as you have already bought them both something I would keep them for their Birthdays, that way you have no need to worry about their birthdays after Christmas, all done! Brilliant idea

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx