Friday, 13 November 2015

Oh No......It's Friday 13th !!!!!!

Morning all, hope Friday 13th isn't unlucky for any of you....and me !!!

I'm typing this blog on Thursday evening, ready to schedule for Friday.
As i'm typing this, my Christmas cake (see photo above) is in the oven baking away. Hopefully it will come out beautifully, and over the next 6 weeks will be have brandy added to it to make a super Christmas cake.

I'm sorry if I've not commented on your blogs recently. I don't know where the time goes some days, and seem to be trying to catch up with myself - unsuccessfully.

I've not done any crafting, apart from knitting. I think my "mojo" has gone, after the disaster of my craft fayre last week. But i have booked another one, this time in a school, in the first week of December, so hopefully i will have more success.

My son is coming home for the weekend, so I will be unable to use the craft room (his bedroom) until he has gone home. I am going to schedule something for Saturday and will try for Sunday too if I can.

It's been very mild of late, and i think we are all in for a big shock over the weekend when the weather is about to turn colder.

Wrap up warm if you are out and about. x


  1. Enjoy your weekend Jan, I am of to Stratford Westfield's tomorrow with my DD and DGD to meet up with two nieces from Suffolk should be a fun day, not really my ideal shopping place but it will be great to catch up.
    Cake looks good.

    Hazel c uk

  2. Gosh I cant remember the last time I made a Christmas cake, must be about 30 years ago when my boys were little. xxx

  3. Hi Janice
    No home made cake in this house again this year as oven kaput and I'm in the process of choosing a new cooker.
    I usually make and bake 2 at the same time and freeze the second one for the following year.
    Ummmm, I can almost smell it baking........
    Ang x