Monday, 23 November 2015

SNOWFLAKES !!!!...........

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy this Monday Morning. 
Because some parts of the UK had snow over the weekend, I thought, what better than to show snowflakes on my blog today.

I bought a set of snowflakes at Excel on Thursday, and when i decided to get my beads out on Saturday, i found another packet unused (like you do LOL!!).

So, Saturday afternoon, and again, in the evening (after watching Strictly !!) I spent time in my craft room making these snowflakes. I had made 13, all different designs, and was feeling tired, when my youngest son came into the room, to annoy (erm, I mean see what I was doing!!) and he stated that he could make a better snowflake than the ones I've made !!!!!

So before I knew it, he was sitting in my chair, with all my beads in front of him, deciding what he was going to do. 

I was standing up in the corner, with the ribbons, threading through the snowflakes that I had made.........
 This is his design!!! By the way he is 23 and a big hunky man, with bulging biceps ( I should have taken a photo of him, I could have used it as blackmail later on LOL !!)

When I said that I was hopefully going to sell them at the craft fair that I'm doing soon, he then started to disagree with the pricing. I thought £2 was reasonable by he said £1........what do you think??
 A close-up of my designs.

Of course, I will be gutted if i only sell his one LOL !!

Take care, and see you again soon. x


  1. Your snowflakes are so pretty especially the one your son did. Has I mentioned in a previous post I made some last year and sold mine for £1.50 at a guide fair, I think it depends on the type of fair you are selling at.
    Good luck.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Hi Jan,
    I was going to say meet half way and go £1.50, I would definitely buy some, they are gorgeous and your son did you proud lol!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  3. They are all gorgeous Jan, 1.50 sound fair to me, xxx

  4. Hi again Jan,

    I have been tempted to get my snowflakes out and make some for our church fair on Saturday, I was wondering if you have any tips on bending the wire over at the end, your ends look so tidy. Thank you, Hazel c uk

  5. Hi Hazel, I've got some small pointed pliers that I've used to bend the ends over. xx

    1. Thanks Jan, I use pliers but think they might be a bit big.

  6. Janice, love your snow flakes, I too think £1.50 yes £2 would be better, but in the past we have found you sometimes are better to make a little profit over nothing. Like my pillow boxes I won't be able to sell them for more than 50p for a plain one and 65p for the ones with flowers, and even say if they buy say 3 give a bit of a discount. I am making a little holder for just 1 after eight so easy and I am getting 3 out of 1 sheet of A4 so with a after eight I will sell them at 4 for £1 if you want I will let you know how I have made them, I will photo them tomorrow and put them on my blog.
    Like you I hope they sell but if not it's only a few. It's of card and a box of after eights at £2. Hazel x

  7. Hi Janice
    Beautiful selection. I was looking at the Beadalon packs at the NEC, then forgot to get them lol!
    Like everyone else suggests, I'd split the difference and go £1.50.
    I'm sure they will do well as they're super.
    Ang x