Thursday, 10 December 2015

"3 little boxes"..........

 Here are 3 little boxes that I've made ready for Christmas presents. I can't show you what's inside yet.....will have to wait until after Christmas.
 I had some lovely embossed card stock that I must have for ages.....but it was "too nice to use"!!!!! How often have we all said that ???
Well, I have decided to not keep anything that's "too nice to use", but use it and enjoy using it.
 I decided to add a poinsettia flower to each box, using the poinsettia die from Spellbinders. The silver "candi" completes the decorations. The photo below is slightly clearer.
The days are quickly going fast towards Christmas. Starting to feel excited, now that the decorations are up.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by, when I know how busy you all are. x


  1. Janice, your boxes are gorgeous. Like you I decided to use up my stock of card reguardless how much I love it. It's silly keeping it and going out and buying more. I had used a lot up making my pillow boxes.

  2. Beautiful boxes I've been on holiday and haven't done very much at all in the way of Christmas! I love your jacket I love my knitting but due to arthritic hands and shoulders I have given up doing adult garments - I am so envious. Your decs look gorgeous We may put up a tree but can't get motivated for lots of reasons

  3. Hi Jan,

    Apologies for not visiting in a while, did not realise how long till I looked through your posts lol!
    Glad your Christmas fare went well, my all those items looked great, don't think I would have wanted to sell those cushion though, I would have had them round my house lol! Your decorations look fabulous, I used to decorate everywhere but don't now as we are never here so seems waste of time lol! I do have my tree up and a few little bits but nothing on the windows or ceiling anymore.
    Love your cardigan and hat, they look really toastie and a lovely colour that will go with anything.

    Your little boxes are beautiful, great idea for Christmas gifts, I hope the recipients don't throw them away but use them again lol!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Jan, I hope in the new year I may be more organized and blog a bit more!!!

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  4. You have been busy Jan I love to see a houseful of decorations and it is also an excuse not to do any dusting for a couple of weeks. I'm at mum's at present. Been out doing all her present shopping for the family today and luckily managed to get a few presents I had on my shopping list as well. All my decorations are still here with the move at the beginning of the year so I shall take them back with me when I go - after I have put up a lot for her here! Love your little boxes. Is a die or have you hand cut them? Would make a change from the square boxes I make for jewellery. Have a rest tomorrow. I'm in for a treat as my brother is coming up to cook a roast lamb dinner for us all. Bye for now Jackie x

  5. Hi Janice
    These are so pretty. You have decorated them beautifully.
    Wish I could Christmassy but just don't at the minute.....too much going on at work I think.
    I'm guessing the box contents are handmade too.
    Ang x