Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Flowers from the girls.......

Morning all, well this is the last weekend before Christmas. I hope you're all prepared!!!!

Yesterday, was the last day at the craft club. We had a little party, with nibbles, secret santa and lots of laughs.

These flowers were presented to me from the girls in the Tuesday club, as a thank you for co-running the club with Sue (who also got flowers).

A lovely floral display, that i will try my hardest not to kill off before Christmas and hopefully into the new year LOL !!!

A great group of ladies that share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and kindness through-out the year, so thank-you ladies. x


  1. The planter looks so pretty Jan, it probably wouldn't last for me either, xx

  2. What a lovely planter. Pity they have to be looked after in my case. I'm not too good with indoor plants! Best wishes Jackie x

  3. Hi Janice
    Very pretty planter. What are you lot like? I have to cope with 16 orchids so you gals should be able to manage one planter hahaha!
    Ang x