Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Knitted Cardigan/Jacket with Hat.....

 Morning all, hope you are all safe and well. 

Here is my knitted cardigan/jacket that i have been knitting over the last few weeks. I had enough wool left over to make this hat, and also i'm in the process of making a scarf too. I enjoyed knitting this, even with the cable pattern, it wasn't too complicated (although I had to concentrate !!) It turned out to be really warm and thick, so I will use as a jacket, rather than a cardigan.....but if we get snow I will probably wear it in bed to keep warm LOL !!!!

A close-up of the cable section.

How's the Christmas preparations going?....I'm nearly there with presents bought.....just need to write Christmas cards, put decorations up, buy all the food, wrap all the presents, keep the house tidy, take the dog for a walk, cook the dinners, wash-up afterwards......I'm sure there's something else I've got to do?????? I bet it's the same in your house too LOL !!!x


  1. Hi Janice what a super jacket looks as though it will be nice and warm best wishes Jackie x

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  3. Hi Janice
    All has gone back to normal colour wise. Like Jackie D, my screen was entirely peachy orange and I could barely read your post. Naughty Blogger!
    My, you're a clever gal with those needles. They look professionally made. Barely a thing done for Christmas. Too much else going on for me to concentrate on it, lol!
    Ang x