Friday, 25 December 2015

Last Minute Makes.......

Good Morning all, Firstly I would like to wish you all a "VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS", hope you are all enjoying the big day.

Secondly, here is a last minute make that i completed Xmas Eve.

Saw this in "Papercraft inspirations issue 146", and just had to make them. If I had enough time I would have make them out of felt. But as i only decided to make them Xmas eve, i didn't have enough time.....but maybe for next year ???

 I've cut them out of Christmas paper (quite thick) with a co-ordinating patterned paper on the back. Decorated with reindeers, poinsettia, and a name tag.

One each for all of us to use on Boxing day. 

Thank you all for popping by and leaving comments. If I don't do any more blogs this week, happy New Year. xxx


  1. Happy Christmas to you Janice and all your family.

    Love this idea something you could do for any celebration.

    Have a lovely day I of to my DD shortly.

    Hazel c uk

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours, xxx

  3. What a lovely idea Jan. Will really make the table festive. My very best wishes to you and your family for today and 2016. Jackie xx

  4. Hi Janice
    Fantastic idea. May just have to pinch that one next year.
    Bet your table looked a treat.
    Ang x