Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Xmas Candles......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy on this 1st day of December. Who has an advent calendar??? Have you eaten the choccie already???? x

I spent the weekend making things for the craft fair on Friday. After the last one dismal failure, I am being positive and forging ahead with making things. I said to my husband, that if i don't sell anything, our house is going to be totally O.T.T with Christmas decorations etc !!!
 I bought some reasonably priced candles from Asda. I have then either used a serviette, or i have printed the image onto ordinary copier paper, and then using a heat gun, melted the image into the candles.

 I added ribbon around top, bottom, or both for decoration.

 If i sell them all, i will make a small profit of about £5.00, which will be lovely.

Tune in this week for more craft fair makes, and of course, pop by at the weekend for the full report of the day. xx


  1. Hi Jan,

    These are gorgeous, I have made decorative Candles in the past but never thought of using copy paper, I always used printing tissue paper, glad to know it works with copy paper, they look fabulous. I am sure these will sell well.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Janice, these are gorgeous and will appeal to loads. I am like you at the moment making things and just hoping they sell, plus it will be very little profit as I would rather sell them than be left with them. Non crafters don't see the work you put in, and it gets to me when you hear folk say " oh I can get the Iikes of that in ???" I feel like saying " well why did you come here" Now my problem is what size of table will I get, when I asked one of the mum's at the school last week she was unsure, I want enough to fill a large table but don't want to much if it's a small one as where do you store it? Oh the fun!!! Hazel X

  3. Your candles are very pretty especially the snowman reminds me of the lovely film. I did candles with my daughters brownies and I used peels offs and they colored them in.
    Good luck with the fair I know the hard work we crafters put into our wares.

    Enjoy the day,

  4. These are really nice Janice so I hope you do well. The fayre I did two weeks ago was like your first one absolutely awful. After paying for the table which was quite small and so difficult to display things I had £5 for all my efforts. Last Saturday at our very small tree festival and fayre where I used to live I had two tables to display everything and had the most successful two hours ever taking nearly £80! So I wish you all the luck this week. Best wishes Jackie x

  5. Wow! these are all stunning Janice… what fab designs… I love 'The Snowman' but they are all gorgeous and think they will sell well at the Craft Fair! hope it goes well for you!
    Hope you have a nice evening!
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  6. Hi Janice
    Wow, these are cracking! Like Jacquie, I thought you had to use tissue paper and didn't realise copier paper could be used.
    Seems a shame you will only make £5 from them as they are super.
    Ang x