Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Quarter done.....can you tell what it is yet????

 Morning all, hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.

I have at long last managed to complete the first quarter of my cross- stitch. It's only taken me 18 months or so, to complete. I must admit, that i did start on the most intense part of the pattern.

I have set myself a target of completing the whole design by the end of the watch this space LOL !!!!
I have to have my glasses on, plus use a magnifying glass to see the stitches and the pattern.....and the light has to shining directly on it for me to be able to sew........I'm not really blind as a bat LOL !!! 

What are you up to this weekend???

Thanks for popping by x


  1. Good morning Jan I can see lovely foliage and music and wood? Perhaps it is a harp? In my sorting out I now have a box full of freebie cross stitch magazine kits. Aiming to complete them all this year and have done 3 so far and started another last night which is a Country Diary bookmark. Whether this continues.....Best wishes Jackie x

  2. I think it's a reindeer. Looking good though.
    Somebody gave me a nearly completed one which I thought would look good in Hollies bedroom but I still cant get into it. xx

  3. Hi Janice
    Looks like the business end of a reindeer and what promises to be an amazing cross stitch.
    Look forward to seeing its progress.
    Ang x