Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sandown trip............

Evening all, just an update on the sandown trip yesterday. Create and craft took over the organisation of the show.

We arrived early, so that we could park easily. They let people in who were doing the make and take into the foyer. Others like me had to wait in the small cafe area. Couldn't get a coffee there though, as it wasn't opened. So stood there for 20 mins waiting for 10am and the doors to be opened. No-one took tickets from us, so could have quite easily gone back today. We went straight to the cafe area inside for a coffee, before starting shopping. Saw Deano from c&c walk by.....didn't acknowledge anyone just shouted to someone "going up to the office" and disappeared. Did think that he could have smiled at us all and welcome us (but as camera not on him he didn't bother).

Anyway, as time went on it got busier and busier, so that it was harder to look at the stalls. C&c had a big section in the centre of the stalls where they were filming live. Wasted space !!!!

There was another part of the venue where you could queue up to have a photo taken with the presenters, needless to say, I didn't bother with that!!!!

I had arranged to meet my friends at lunch time for a catch up. Nowhere to sit. Cafe area was packed solid so couldn't be bothered to buy another coffee. Went back out to the cafe area, where we had first had to wait to see if there were any chairs there - same there - busy. So we opened the doors and brought some chairs in that were for outside sitting into the cafe area so at least we were able to sit down and eat.

We then had a quick look around again before setting off for home. When we went back out to the car park it was chaos!!! Cars double parked and parking all on the grass verges. My friend had heard someone say that it took them 4 hours to get to car park ( not sure if they meant they were waiting outside for 4 hours of whether the whole trip took 4 hours)

Have to say I was slightly disappointed in the show, although I did buy a few things lol!!!!
I would have preferred it to be over 4 days rather than 2.

I hope if they run it again in September it will be organised better.

If any of you went please let me know want you thought. Xx


  1. Sounds like you were not too impressed Jan, Surprissed at Dean too, I thought he would have acknowledged people, ignorant. xxx

  2. Hi Jan,
    sounds like it wasn't very well organized to me.
    Glad I didn't go as I can't stand in one place for too long.
    Now you have surprised me about Deano as he always seems so nice and I always laugh at him on the telly.
    I wonder how many others noticed that about him.
    Will not vote for him again.
    You asked about my tissue boxes they are made out of cardboard, and I make them myself from scratch.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Oh dear what a disappointment. I must confess that the excitement of going to ghe big shows is now a thing of the past as they are so crowded nowadays it spoils it. There seems to be less and less stands so that makes it more difficult to get to the ones that are there.

  4. Hi Janice
    What a shame.It reminds me of the very first Great British Craft Festival run by Hunkydory. It was a Donnington Park and we spent an hour and a half sat in a traffic jam waiting to get in an hour before the doors were due to open!!!
    I made the mistake of getting Mr D to drive so he was well impressed as you could imagine.
    Its been much better since they moved to Stoneleigh (and only 5 mins down the road from me, hurrah!)
    That does seem unusual for Dean as he's always been very friendly at shows I've been to....... perhaps he had to queue to get in too lol!
    Hope your goodies made up for it.
    Ang x