Monday, 29 February 2016

It's the Cats Whiskers.......!!!!!!

 Morning all.....happy leap year day!!!!
Let me know if you propose to your man today.....and more importantly let me know if he said "yes" !!!!!

I have scheduled this post today, as i should be driving my son back home to Oxford. 2 hrs there and 2 hrs back.....not too long a drive, but it's surprising how tiring it is.

Onto today's card. Once again I have used the "Die-Versions" die "I heart you animals". A versatile die that i have used a lot.  This time a cat. I drew on the stripes on his head & tail using a fine gel pen. I also added the white triangle to the eyes to make more alive.

The sentiment on the front is a peel off that i uncovered by chance, when i was looking through my bits and pieces. 
The stitched piece behind the cat, makes the image stand out more. Layered onto a co-ordinating piece of paper and then layered onto yellow card, that had been die cut using Sue Wilson Noble die (again - these dies work so well with my stitching).

Have a good week and see you again soon. xx

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Using the waste too.......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy on this last Sunday of February.....where has the month gone????

Today is my eldest son's birthday. Dan is the ripe old age of 26 today. I made this card for him. I didn't set out to make him this card, I was just playing with a die that i had recently bought. Spellbinders Gothic Strip. 

I thought that it was small enough (5 1/2 inches long) to use as a border around the card. By very slightly over lapping at the sides it fitted perfectly onto an 8 x 8 card. Then i was looking at the waste from the die, and wondering if I could make a pattern or a flower from them. I started placing them onto the card, firstly in the corners to fill that void and then in the middle.

To me it looks like a man's card....maybe look better in black or steel grey....??? Almost military ????

I cut a small square for the centre using Sue Wilson Noble die. Then i cut a Spellbinders banner in white and inked through in a soft brown ink. Then cut out the name in the same beige card stock.

 It just shows how even the waste can be useful. I always try and look at the waste before throwing away.... sometimes better than the actual die itself LOL !!

If any of you ladies out there are hoping to propose to their fellas tomorrow, then GOOD LUCK xxxx

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Something From The Past......

 Morning all, hope your weekend is going splendidly so far......

Just waiting for my eldest to arrive home for the weekend. It's his birthday tomorrow, and he normally goes home with a full wallet, after visiting all the family  LOL !!!!

This crochet elephant was the first structured crochet thing that i ever made. When i mean structured, i mean shaping etc, I had done granny squares before but never made anything else.

If i remember rightly, it was from a pattern that was free in the "People's friend" magazine, that my mum has every week.
It has sat in my bedroom, ever since I made it, and whilst doing the house work the other day, i thought that i had never shown him on my here he is !!!!

By the way, i agreed with all your comments about the flower on the Mother's day card that i showed yesterday......just the wrong colour pink.

So i have made this flower instead. Looks much better, although now, i will definitely have to make a box for it to fit into.

Have a good day. x

Friday, 26 February 2016

Mother's Day Card......

 Morning all, hope you are all well and happy on this Friday. (and everyday !!)

Here is the Mother's Day card that I've just completed for my mum.

 A combination of stitching and die cutting.I used water-colour pencils to shade around the word "Mum".  I stitched the piece first, then using a craft knife, have cut around the word mum. Then i was able to do a topper (LOTV) layered onto a circle using Tonic Pinhole circle die. This was then able to slide under the wording. I think it looks quite effective. Not too sure about the resin it the right colour???? what do you think.
 Using my fav Sue Wilson Noble die, i have layered up the card, with a combination of plain, patterned, and embossed card.
 I tried to do what "Cardsrus" Jenny does, by decorating inside the card too. I photocopied the patterned card that i had used on the front of the card twice, for each panel.
 I did another small stitched piece of a small flower, layered onto a circle (tonic die).
The sentiment is from Hunkydory (little books).

Really pleased with the overall effect. Might make a box to go with it, although, even with the layers, it's not too bulky.

My Son, Daniel, here for the weekend, as it's his birthday on 28th.

Have a good weekend, whatever you are doing.xx

Thursday, 25 February 2016

We are On Our Way.........

Just to let you all know, that Nellie & Geoffrey........or Neil & Geraldine (LOL) are on their way to a new home.

One of the followers of my blog, has bought them for a new arrival which is due in April. I hope he or she will love them x

I'm always open to offers if you ever see anything that you would like to buy from me. Most of the time i make things just because I like crafting. It's always nice to get a little money back, ready to invest in the new project. 

Have a good day, and thanks for stopping by. x

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

"Nellie the Elephant........"

 Morning all, another day, and feeling slightly better now, thanks for all your kind wishes.....made me feel a whole lot better. x

Onto today's blog. Here is Nellie the elephant......although maybe it should be Neil as he's in blue.

I've used the same Alan Dart knitting pattern, that i used for the giraffe a few days ago.

 He stands at just about 5 inches.  
Here he is with his good friend Geoffrey the Giraffe, or maybe she should be Geraldine LOL !!!!

There is also a lion and a zebra on the same pattern, which i will probably get around to knitting.

But for now i must concentrate on making cards, as i have quite a few birthdays and anniversaries coming up, not forgetting Mother's day which is soon.

Hope you're all enjoying the blogs, and for me, it's nice to do different things and to show you all what I have made. 

Thanks for popping by, and come again soon. x

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Rough Week.......

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy.

The past week I've been ill.......i wont go into details, only to say that there were "eruptions" either end...... I've felt rough all week, tired, with no energy. Slept a lot but ate little. Goods news is that I've lost 3lb in a week.......every cloud eh!!!!!!!!

But enough of that, onto more pleasant things. During the week I managed to finish this Camper Van cushion for my mum. I've done it as a present for Mother's Day. My mum is 79 years old, and last year was the first time that i can ever recall her saying that she's always liked camper vans !!!!!!!
I hope she remembers on Mother's Day that she said that, otherwise she will wonder why I've knitted her this cushion LOL !!!

It's knitted in chunky wool from a pattern by King Cole #4324.

Hopefully, this week, I'll be able to do some more things to show on the blog.

Take care, and see you again soon. xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Nice and Snuggly and Warm......

Afternoon all, a bit late with the blog today.....

Here is a hot water bottle cover that I've just completed. It was a Christmas present from my friend Sally. 

It's so soft and cuddly, that i'm going to get a lot of use out of it.......

My hands and feet are always cold, so when the husbands not around to warm them up on, then the next best thing will be this hot water bottle........

I feel warmer already LOL !!!!

Hope you don't get any snow today, as it's been forecast for today.

Keep warm and safe. xx

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day.....

Morning all, and a very happy, loving, Valentine's Day to you all. Hope you are with your loved ones today.

Here is the valentine's card that i have made for my husband.

Kept it simple as it's for a man, just used the Sue Wilson Noble dies to do all the layers and the new "Phil Martin word dies", for the sentiment on the front. The papers are from Docrafts.

 On the insert i have added 2 strips of left over paper that i had used as the base layer on the front of the card. The sentiment is a Tonic die......and yes, he is my perfect husband.
Lots of love, kisses and hugs to you all. xxx

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

He's Soooooo Cute !!!!!

 Morning all, a bit late with the blog this morning. I finished sewing this giraffe up last night, but felt really tired yesterday, so had an early night (even had to record "Happy Valley" as too tired to take in the story line!!).

Anyway, here is this cute giraffe. It's a pattern by Alan Dart and was featured in "Simply Knitting" back in Aug 2011. 

No reason for knitting him, only that i wanted too!!! Like the owl of a few weeks ago. When i took the owl in to show the other ladies in my craft group, one of the ladies bought him off me for her granddaughter who was at university, and she has trouble knitting nowadays due to painful fingers, so wouldn't have been able to knit him herself.
 Back to the giraffe, he was knitted in stripes and then using yellow wool i applied chain stitches across the pink bands to create squares.

I think if i ever knit him again, i would knit completely in yellow, then swiss darn random patches on him. He stands about 8 inches tall from the sitting position.
Looking at this photo, i think one of his nostrills is slightly in the wrong place, so i will recitfy later.

Have a good Wednesday, half way through the working week , and weekend approaching fast !!!! x

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Is it a U.F.O ????, a Flying Saucer????, No it's a Floating Cup LOL !!!!

 Morning all, hope you are well & happy, despite the awful weather of late.

Firstly, i must apologise for my madness!!! it seems that the older i get the more insane i become....or is that normal??? It's just that sometimes a heading comes to me and i have a little chuckle to myself (madness??) Hope you see the funny side too.

You might have seen these floating cups on pinterest, where they up-cycle a bone china teacup & saucer. Well, i didn't have a nice cup to use, so I decided to make one.
 details of the handle and decorations.
The side view, as you can see the cup seems to be suspended in the air and is only attached by the flowers. What i have used is an old fork, that i have bent slightly so that the prongs lay at an angle to the handle of the fork. I then glued the prong part to the saucer, and the handled to the inside of the cup. I then covered both sides of the fork with matching card (that i had used to make the cup) then using a hot glue gun, stuck loads and loads of flowers on. Needless to say using a glue gun can and did result in burnt fingers .....the glue seems to get hotter the longer it's attached to your finger LOL !!

 The back view.....
 looking straight on (above) and the looking down on (below).
I think this would make a lovely Mother's day present.....or would look good as a table decoration at a wedding perhaps.....what do you think???

By the way, thanks for the comments about my last couple of cards. It seems that you agree with me that the die will be a very useful addition. I have yet to use gilding wax, or glitter through the die....but watch this space.

Hope you have a good Tuesday, see you again very soon. x

Monday, 8 February 2016

Same Card, different colour......

 Morning all, sorry to be boring today, but after the success of the silver card yesterday, I couldn't resist and try it out on black with gold.

I think it looks more striking.....what do you think??
Gold or Silver ????

Leave a comment below. 

I will try and do something different tomorrow......i promise. x

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Silver Lady......(as David Soul used to sing LOL !!!)

 Morning all, yes i know I'm showing my age now.....but how many of you remember the song??? hopefully it wont be in your head for the rest of the day now LOL !!

This is another version of the card that i showed on Tuesday. Although i had inked through the die on that occasion, it didn't seem to pick up all the detail. So i decided to do again using a silver gel pen.
 Very happy with the results.
Layered onto silver mirri card and then grey card - again using Sue Wilson Noble die.

I think these will be my most used dies this year LOL !!! unless, of course, i buy something else LOL !!!!!!

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by. x

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Another Stitched and Butterflied
(lol !!).... card

Morning all, following on from Thursday (MAWTT Challenge card), here is a similar lay out and design. The stitching has a varigated colour thread which ties in lovely with the teal colours of the butterflies.

I have used a Tonic die for the trellis cut out bit. The topper and side piece, plus strips are all from Hunkydory.
 This card is for my friend Pam's birthday.
 Enjoy your weekend xx

Friday, 5 February 2016

Drawing through the dies......

 Morning all, Friday here already. Hope your week has been good so far. 
I've been playing with some of my new dies.
This one is "Crafters Companion DECADENCE". The die is in one piece, but when you run it through the machine the middle section pops out. I used the die on a white card blank. I then embossed it, and whilst it was still in the die, i have drawn around the shapes, using a fine gel pen in red & black.

The middle section i then glued inside the card, so that when flat it would look whole.

 I added a sentiment in red card, and again, drew through the die with the black gel pen.
I think it makes quite a decorative card, with nothing added. Changing colours or actually colouring in the shapes completely, rather than just the outline, will give the card a totally different look.

Enjoy the weekend. x

Thursday, 4 February 2016

MAWTT Challenge:- "Things with Wings"

 Morning all, hope you are all well & happy. Today is the MAWTT Challenge. Judith set the challenge this week. The theme is "Things with Wings"..... for me it has to be butterflies.
I've combined stitching, with the topper and side panel by Hunkydory, along with 2 strips using co-ordinating butterfly punches by Tonic.

Pop over to MAWTT blog to see the other DT entries.....or why not enter yourself. Good luck.xx


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Be My Valentines.......

 Morning all, here is a Valentines card that I have made, with a matching key-ring.

The sweet little giraffe is a die from Marianne Designs. I have cut him out of tonal brown card and foam sheets for the key-ring.

I have made a frame in brown card using the Sue Wilson Noble die. A small pearl in each corner is the only decoration. The wording are by using Britannia dies.

 With the key-ring, i have mounted the giraffe onto a felt heart. These hearts i bought from the pound shop (they were a bunting set).

A bit early for Valentines day.......but i have sooooooo many to make that i have to start early LOL !!!! only kidding  x