Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Is it a U.F.O ????, a Flying Saucer????, No it's a Floating Cup LOL !!!!

 Morning all, hope you are well & happy, despite the awful weather of late.

Firstly, i must apologise for my madness!!! it seems that the older i get the more insane i become....or is that normal??? It's just that sometimes a heading comes to me and i have a little chuckle to myself (madness??) Hope you see the funny side too.

You might have seen these floating cups on pinterest, where they up-cycle a bone china teacup & saucer. Well, i didn't have a nice cup to use, so I decided to make one.
 details of the handle and decorations.
The side view, as you can see the cup seems to be suspended in the air and is only attached by the flowers. What i have used is an old fork, that i have bent slightly so that the prongs lay at an angle to the handle of the fork. I then glued the prong part to the saucer, and the handled to the inside of the cup. I then covered both sides of the fork with matching card (that i had used to make the cup) then using a hot glue gun, stuck loads and loads of flowers on. Needless to say using a glue gun can and did result in burnt fingers .....the glue seems to get hotter the longer it's attached to your finger LOL !!

 The back view.....
 looking straight on (above) and the looking down on (below).
I think this would make a lovely Mother's day present.....or would look good as a table decoration at a wedding perhaps.....what do you think???

By the way, thanks for the comments about my last couple of cards. It seems that you agree with me that the die will be a very useful addition. I have yet to use gilding wax, or glitter through the die....but watch this space.

Hope you have a good Tuesday, see you again very soon. x


  1. What a fab idea to make your own cup, this looks brilliant Jan, xxx

  2. Very pretty and I agree would make a nice and unusual present. Well done in making your own cup.thank you for sharing. Hazel c uk

  3. What a fantastic project Jan looks beautiful. Best wishes Jackie x

  4. Hi Janice
    Wowsers! This looks absolutely stunning. Its a wonder the weight of the fork doesn't tip it over.
    That cascade of flowers has given me an idea, thank you. Stunning!
    Ang x

  5. Well done Janice, it looks really great. You beat me to this one LOL!! xx

  6. Well done Janice, it looks really great. You beat me to this one LOL!! xx

  7. WOW Janice this is stunning. I must try this one.
    Love Val in Spain x

  8. Hi Janice
    Love it - must have a go!
    Janet in France