Wednesday, 24 February 2016

"Nellie the Elephant........"

 Morning all, another day, and feeling slightly better now, thanks for all your kind wishes.....made me feel a whole lot better. x

Onto today's blog. Here is Nellie the elephant......although maybe it should be Neil as he's in blue.

I've used the same Alan Dart knitting pattern, that i used for the giraffe a few days ago.

 He stands at just about 5 inches.  
Here he is with his good friend Geoffrey the Giraffe, or maybe she should be Geraldine LOL !!!!

There is also a lion and a zebra on the same pattern, which i will probably get around to knitting.

But for now i must concentrate on making cards, as i have quite a few birthdays and anniversaries coming up, not forgetting Mother's day which is soon.

Hope you're all enjoying the blogs, and for me, it's nice to do different things and to show you all what I have made. 

Thanks for popping by, and come again soon. x


  1. They are both gorgeous Jan, I just wish I had the patience to knit things like this, if you ever want to sell, let me know, my new grandchild due soon !!!

  2. They look so good together, looking forward to seeing the rest of the zoo in due course, best wishes Jackie x

  3. They are both gorgeous, better in the flesh so to speak. I love them and waiting for the rest xx