Saturday, 27 February 2016

Something From The Past......

 Morning all, hope your weekend is going splendidly so far......

Just waiting for my eldest to arrive home for the weekend. It's his birthday tomorrow, and he normally goes home with a full wallet, after visiting all the family  LOL !!!!

This crochet elephant was the first structured crochet thing that i ever made. When i mean structured, i mean shaping etc, I had done granny squares before but never made anything else.

If i remember rightly, it was from a pattern that was free in the "People's friend" magazine, that my mum has every week.
It has sat in my bedroom, ever since I made it, and whilst doing the house work the other day, i thought that i had never shown him on my here he is !!!!

By the way, i agreed with all your comments about the flower on the Mother's day card that i showed yesterday......just the wrong colour pink.

So i have made this flower instead. Looks much better, although now, i will definitely have to make a box for it to fit into.

Have a good day. x


  1. Oh his cute love the tassels. Yes the flower is much better. Enjoy your weekend with your son.

    Hazel c uk

  2. Janice, I can remember this design, and I think your right it will have more and likely been in the People's Friend. They also did a pattern for a felt one, which my young sister made. I actually bought a copy of the People's Friend a few weeks ago, it hasn't changed much at all. Love your card for your mum, yes flower looks better. Happy birthday to your son. Hazel X

  3. Looks good Jan, missed yesterdays but looks good now, xxx

  4. Looks brilliant now Jan, much softer xx

  5. Oh and the Elephant is gorgeous as well xxx

  6. Hi Janice
    Awwww, what a cutie. I can only crochet straight so kudos to you.
    The flower looks spot on this time on your card.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  7. Hi Jan crochet is something I've never really mastered so I am in awe of your elephant! The change of flower looks much better I think. Hope you are having a nice weekend best wishes Jackie x